Chapter 25

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Sanyukta rolled on her bed making an annoying face as sun rays disturbed her peeking through the window.. She was one blessed wife who can sleep till 9am as she knew her husband will take care of Pari to let her sleep peacefully. She shift to Randhir's side n felt something soft under her palm..she managed to open her eyes n saw there was a bunch of fresh violet orchid lying beside her..she smiled n sat up on her bed smelling those beautiful flowers n her eyes widened in shock as she noticed her whole room was filled with different types of flower bouquet.. Sanyukta felt as if she was in some flower garden n not in her room. She kissed the orchids n looked at the door as Randhir came in with a try taking her breakfast.

Randhir kept the tray in bedside table n lean towards her and placed a kiss on her forehead.. "Happy birthday beautiful." He chipped.

"You remembered?" Sanyukta asked with a blush.

" can I forget the bday of my one n only wife." Randhir said with a wink.

Sanyukta inched closer to him n hugged him tight.. "I thought you forgot." She said softly.

"I know.. Now get up n eat breakfast..I cooked it for you today." Randhir said excitedly.

"You cooked..omg..Randhir you are the best." Sanyukta said kissing his nosetip..

Randhir lean to her lips but she stopped her n said, "I haven't brushed my teeth yet."

"I don't care." Randhir said pulling her for a mind numbing kiss n Sanyukta's lips formed a smile.

Sanyukta brushed n both ate breakfast together..then she took shower and Randhir went to play with Pari. Pari has newly learned to understand what her father said..she would follow some of his instruction now a days. Randhir smiled as he saw his beautiful wife coming down wearing a long skirt n simple white top. He loved her simplicity, even though she had enough money to buy everything she want Sanyukta always choose to be simple as always...he loved for everything she was.

"Baby..I want you not to do anything today..I want you to relax that's why I called some people who will pamper you..n you gonna follow their order." He said lovingly as she sat beside his n kept her head on his shoulder.

"Okay.." She said happily n clutched his arm.

The rest of the day Sanyukta had to spent with beauticians called by Randhir..she frowned at him first but after the massage n spa she was really feeling relaxed. Once she was done she saw Randhir in kitchen..trying to cook with help of the chefs n Sanyukta thanked the heavens for giving her Randhir. At some moment she felt like she was dreaming all these while n everything will be vanished but then when Randhir came in front of her she would convince herself that no she wasn't dreaming her life but her life was itself a beautiful dream. Sanyukta picked up Pari in her arm n made her sleep on her chest...she loved hearing Pari's little breathes.. Sanyukta saw Randhir coming with her lunch on his hand n he sat beside her.

"She slept?" He asked.

"Yup..let me put her on her room." She said.

"No no..let her I will feed my baby." Randhir said as he tore a piece of Sanyukta's favourite paratha n dipped in curd n hold it in front of her..Sanyukta open her mouth n Randhir fed her.


Randhir turn the shower to warm water as he slipped into the shower n hugged Sanyukta from behind who was already naked under the shower. Randhir's hand touched the curves of Sanyukta's back..he cupped her butt n squeeze it lightly..

Sanyukta let out a moan n asked, "Pari so gayi?"

"Yup." Randhir said placing millions of kisses on her back.

Randhir turn her around n pushed her in the wall..n kissed her lips like there was no tomorrow...they made love under the shower n Randhir brought her to the bed wrapping her in a towel n took a little sleep before it's time for party. Randhir looked at her sleepy face n he pecked pouty pink lips woke up her up by pulling her cheek lovingly.

"Baby..wake up..we need get ready.." Randhir hushed.

"Mujhe nhi jaana kahi..sone do na." Sanyukta said clutching to Randhir.

"Don't you want the biggest gift for your bday?" Randhir asked.

"Gift?? What gift?" Sanyukta asked.

"Wo to party pe pata get up n get ready." Randhir asked picking up Sanyukta n pushed her in washroom.

Sanyukta got freshen up n saw a beautiful box lying in the bed..she opened it n find a beautiful sari with backless blouse n matching jewellery. She wore it fast n done her make up..she was looking stunning as even inher red n black sari..she blushed as she saw Randhir at the door step leaning against the wall n checking her out.

Randhir walked to her n Sanyukta asked him, "How m looking?"

"Stunning..bas ek kami hai." Randhir said.


Randhir pull out a box from his pocket..opened it and took a pinch of vermillion powder from it n filled Sanyukta's parting with colour red.

"Everyone should know that this gorgeous lady belongs to Randhir Singh Shekhawat." Randhir said authoritatively.

Sanyukta blushed hard n hugged him...Randhir held Sanyukta by waist n lead her to car..every employee wished her on the way and Sanyukta wondered where her daughter was.

"Randhir..where is Pari?" She asked.

"She is fine..n she already went to hall." Randhir said..

As they reached the hall..Sanyukta widened her eyes in was so beautiful. There was Randhir's business partners, some media person n Parth with Vidushi who was carrying Pari in her arm..her Pari was looking like angel in white fairy dress...Parth n Vidushi hugged Sanyukta and wished her.. Randhir took Pari from Vidushi. Sanyukta cut her designer cake n fed Randhir..

"Now tell me where is my gift?" Sanyukta asked.

"Wait few minutes baby..before that I want to meet you someone.."


"Come here." Randhir said holding her hand n guide her to a room..

"See who is waiting for you." Randhir said pointing to a lady..

Sayukta step forward towards that lady n when that lady turn to her Sanyukta freezed.. "Maa..." Sanyukta managed to form the word n that lady engulf Sanyukta in a bone crushing hug.


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