Chapter 26

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"Ladies n you all know today is a great day for's my better half Sanyukta's bday..but there is an another reason to celebrate too.." Randhir announced Sanyukta looked at him n waited for him to reveal his surprise...

"2 days ago my company won the auction of Mittal's industries..n from now I declare my baby girl Pari Shekhawat as the official heir of my new property and these industries will be handled my beautiful n intelligent wife Sanyukta Randhir Shekhawat.." Randhir completed and the hall buzzed with rounds of applause.

Sanyukta was too numb too react to the overflowing wishes n hugs..she was not ready for such things..she never dreamt that she will ever meet her mother again..she never thought she will run a business empire.. Vidushi n parth came to sanyukta n wished for her new venture.

"You deserve all of these Sanyukta." Vidushi said hugging her.

"Randhir ne mujhe bataya v nhi." Sanyukta muttered.

"Well sweetheart, this was the surprise..n if I had told you about it before how would I have got to see this expression in your face." Randhir said sliding his hand on her waist.

Soon the guest started to leave and Randhir, Sanyukta along with her mom n Pari came back to home. Sanyukta wanted to talk with her mom n ask her about her dad n brother but due to long journey Anju felt tired n went to bed early.

Sanyukta came to her room n found Randhir unbuttoning his shirt..she stood in front of him n took the charge while Randhir wrapped her in his arm.

" ko lane k liye's the best gift ever." Sanyukta said opening a button.

"You are welcome wife..I knew how much you missed her and how much she missed you, and when I called her last week she agreed to left that home where she never got any respect and got ready to live with us." Randhir said lovingly pulling out pins from her hairs..

"Don't you have any problem with it Randhir?" She asked.

"Why would I have any problem..we have a house where your whole clan can live's just your mom baby..n she is my mom-in-law too, and it's good that we have someone elderly in home to bless us na." Randhir answered as Sanyukta pulled out his shirt..

"I love you Randhir." Sanyukta said kissing his bare chest n kept her head on it.

"I love you more are my everything." Randhir said caressing her hairs n untie the dori of her blouse..

"But m scared." Sanyukta said looking up to his eyes.

"Why?" Randhir asked pushing her stray locks behind.

"Why did you bought that Mittal's property?? N how m supposed to be running a business Randhir?" Sanyukta asked.

"He tortured you for a long time..he tried to kill me..n then he kidnapped our can I leave him so easily Sanyukta?" Randhir questioned her back pulling out her sari from it's place..

"And how m supposed to run this business??" She asked with a pout as Randhir totally undressed her and picked up her in his arm..

"You are an you remember that..n your husband will be always there to help you.."

Randhir said stepping under the shower n Sanyukta soon forget everything else other than the fact how much she love Randhir's hands on her much she feel content when Randhir's lips worship her.. After a round of making out Sanyukta sat on Randhir's lap enjoying the warm water of the tub. She let her body relaxed over his n entwined their fingers.

"What if I fail Randhir?" She asked.

"It's your are not answerable to anyone..n above all stop doubting yourself..I have seen your work Sanyukta..and I trust you." Randhir said making her face him.

"Are you sure?" She asked biting her lips.

"Absolutely sure." Randhir said kissing her lips and washing away all her doubts.


This morning was special for Sanyukta.. Randhir made sure she woke up early with him n made her workout with him too.. According to Randhir, Sanyukta must feel energetic n healthy as long as she have double duties to perform. Sanyukta took bath n after the workout session n came out to the room wearing her towel.

"Randhir..what should I wear to office?" Sanyukta asked standing in front of her overflowed cupboard..

"I would have suggest you to wear bikini but I don't want any other men to see my wife's skin I would love if you wear something like nun's dress." Randhir teased her knoting up his tie..

"Randhir you are not at all helpful." Sanyukta frowned.

"Baby..wear watever you will gorgeous in paper beg too, you get ready..till I want to spend some time with my baby girl." Randhir said kissing her cheek n walked out.

Thinking about Pari Sanyukta's heart felt's been so long that she spend a day without Pari n now when she had to stay at office all day Sanyukta didn't know why but felt a little regret for her decision. She took out a grey skirt n purple silk shirt n wore a black coat over it. She made sure to put a little pinch of sindur which complimented her look and also display her marital status.

Once she was done dressing up she came down n saw Randhir swing Pari in the air and she is laughing happily. Sanyukta's heart ache to think that she gonna stay way from her baby for hours..she walked to her and took Pari from randhir.. Randhir noticed a tear coming down from Sanyukta's cheek but he needed to do this for security of his family's future. Randhir couldn't trust anyone enough to give such huge responsibility and he believed Sanyukta had enough potential to stay at home all day being a housewife.

"Sanyukta..beta Pari ki chinta mat karo..uski nani pura waqt bas uske sath hi rahegi..waise v yahan koi kam hai hi nhi karne ko..Pari ke sath rehke mera v dil laga rahega." Sanyukta's mother said seeing her daughter's pale face.

"Are U sure mom?" She asked.

"Haan bacha..tum bilkul tension mat lo.." Anju said and took Pari from Sanyukta's hand.. Randhir gave a thank you smile to his omther-in- law n guided his wife to their car kissing his baby girl's cheeks again.

Once they reached their office Sanyukta's eyes widened in was such a huge building with 70 floors..till that day she had only saw his office in pics but seeing that grand office she felt numb.

Randhir smiled n held her hand n squeezed it, "It's all yours baby." He murmured n took her to his cabin. Every employee stood up in respect n greeted them..n welcomed Sanyukta to the office. She felt overwhelm seeing so much employees..n the fact that she is their boss.

"Baby..your cabin will be next to me..I can't afford you to keep you away from me when we are in the same building.." Randhir said hugging her from behind.

"Randhir..I don't do business with stay away from me when we are in office." Sanyukta said struggling.

"Saying who?? The girl whom I have had as my my partner..well baby just to refresh your memory..I have kissed you everytime I want to..and I will kiss you everytime you will pout like this." Randhir said n pull her to him for a mind numbing kiss...they kissed until they felt the need of oxygen n then they heard a knock..a guy with green eyes n muscular figure came into the cabin.

"Good morning Mr. Shekhawat." He greeted.

"Morning Stefan..please meet my wife Sanyukta..n Sanyukta he is Stefan..he will help you in your work, he is your advisor." Randhir introduced them.

Sanyukta hand shaked with Stefan but there was something about in his eyes sSanukta didn't like, she felt consious under his gaze n immediately pull her hand from his hold.


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