Chapter 12

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Sanyukta pull out a peach colour sari with pearl on it with a designer backless blouse from her wardrobe. She need to look presentable this evening, she was back to home after arranging everything to change her dress.

"Rosa aunty please manage it for tonight, I will try to come as early I can but till then you need to stay with Pari." Sanyukta said Rosa.

" don't worry n enjoy your are very young Sanyukta you shouldn't stress over things, just go out n enjoy your life." Rosa suggested, she had seen enough of Sanyukta's loneliness, her heart ache at this beautiful girl who don't even smile from heart.

"I will try aunty..thank you so much." Sanyukta said n walked to dressing table.

Randhir roam around the city for whole day, he went through some hotels n restaurants to look if Sanyukta was working in any of them, coz he remembered her saying about her passion for working in hospitality sector. In the evening he was exhausted n came back to Jignesh's house n find no one in the house.

"Sir n mam had left for the venue..n asked you to get ready..your car is ready sir." A butler said to Randhir.

Randhir changed to his white linen shirt, black trouser n black blazer. He was looking handsome as usual but there was something missing from his handsome face..the shine in his eyes were gone.

The party was on full swing, soothing music..good food n various types of cocktails were served. It was the terrace of the hotel where Sanyukta had arrange the party, it was an awesome view from up there.. Sanyukta was talking with few guests when she saw her boss n his wife coming.

When Randhir walked in to the party, he caught attention of all the young girls in the party. Everyone was wondering who was the new guy on this circle. Randhir walked to Jignesh n Kaustuki who were standing in the centre.

"Jignesh..congratulations man." Randhir said hugging him warmly.

"Thanks Randhir..I hope you will enjoy the evening." Jignesh said.

"Well m loving the's so nice here." Randhir complimented.

"Well I can't take that credit at have to compliment our new manager for all the arrangement, she is pretty incredible in her job." Jignesh said.

"'s pretty impressive." Randhir agreed.

"You should meet her Randhir, she is also a MBA from New York." Jignesh said, n Randhir felt his heart back on neck stood in alert.

"What's her name?" Randhir asked.

"There she can ask her that own." Jignesh said with a smile when he saw Sanyukta talking with guest. Her back was facing them.

Randhir looked at the way Jignesh showing n saw a girl in peach colour sari but he couldn't look at her properly because of people standing in middle.

Randhir n Jignesh walked towards her n Randhir's heart started pounding with each step..he could see her back now n there was no confusion, he knew those curves..he knew her flawless features.

"Miss Aggarwal." Jignesh said...And she looked around with a smile n it fade away instantly when she saw the person standing with her boss.

"Miss my friend Randhir Singh Shekhawat." Jignesh said.

But no one uttered a sound, Sanyukta's eyes widened in horror as if she saw a ghost. Randhir was rooted on his spot, he couldn't believe that finally she was there in front of her. For moment it felt like dream to him, n he didn't want to woke up from it.

"Hey U two..are you all right." Jignesh asked breaking the silence.

"Yup." Randhir managed to say. Sanyukta couldn't stay there, she excused herself n walked hurriedly towards the washroom.

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