Chapter 3

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Sanyukta never saw such luxurious house ever in her she guided by the security to his drawing room..she felt like she was watching a movie only. The security asked her to sit and wait while a housekeeper come to her asking if she want anything to drink. She nodded no nervously. Even the housekeepers were in better condition than her. They were stylish n well groomed.

Randhir walked towards downstairs n glanced over her..she was wearing skinny jeans n a simple loose top. She looked so weak n tired..he noticed dark circles around her eyes. She stood up as she saw him coming towards her, he signalled her to sit down n sat in front of her. He looked freshly bathed..with his wet hair..he was not looking any less than a model in his white linen shirt n black pant.

"You are looking very weak miss." He said without any greet n welcome.

"No..m fine Mr. Shekhawat."

"Okay..if U say so..let's come to the much money U need?" He asked.

"1000 dollar."

"Whoa..but why? U had 500 dollar right?"

"I got robbed..n lost all my savings..I need to deposits my 2 semester fees tomorrow."
She said forgetting her nervousness.

"Okay..m ready to give U the money..but what will I get in return?" He asked.

Sanyukta was prepared for this question,
"You can keep me in ur company and I will repay your money by working there." She suggest.

"No miss. I have already over appointed stuff in my office..but I can give U job here."


"Yes in my home."

"Do U wants to be ur slave?" She asked narrowing her eyes.

"Nope..not slave miss..u will look after my personal things..I mean U will be my personal caretaker." He smirked. She wanted to slap him again right there but she couldn't afford to lose her last chance.

"What will be my work timing?"

"All the time except ur college hours." He said.

"U mean I have to stay here?"

"Yup..with me..u have to follow my every order."

"N what about the club.."

"Leave that job I will pay ur debt there."

"Why are U doing all these?"

"Coz I want you..I still want you."

"Look Mr. Shekhawat I won't sleep with U at any cost." She glared at him.

"Okay..we won't have sex until U asked me to do so." He agreed.

"I will never ever ask you that..don't worry."

"We will see that." Randhir smirked.

"I have another condition..u will not ask about my identity n won't spy over me." She demanded.

"Deal." He offered her his right hand n she too joint in the handshake but immediately he pulled her in to him making her sit on his lap..she looked up to him in horror.

"U said we wont have sex but U never said anything about kissing n all." He smiled devilishly n took her lower lip in his n bite oozing blood n nibbling it with his tongue. He started kissing her wildly n she too responded after a while finding no way out.

"Lemme show you the house." Randhir said pulling out from the kiss.

He put his hand around her waist n guide to her upstairs. He opened the guest room which was only 2 blocks aways from his room. It was bigger than her entire was paint in cream colour n all furniture were brown..everything was organized n neat.

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