Chapter 23

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Sanyukta pulled down her messy bun n tied her hairs in a ponytail. She doesn't want to look mess in front of style icon Vidushi. But when Vidushi walked in the drawing room Sanyukta's eyes widened. Her face had no glow at all..she was looking a bit older than usual n weak too. Her eyes were circled by darkness n she was not even wearing any designer cloths like other times.

Sanyukta stood up instantly n went closer to her n greeted her, "Hi Sanyukta..thanks for letting me in." Vidushi said in a low voice.

"It's not a big deal Vidushi..please sit." Sanyukta said.

As Vidushi settle on the sofa..the maid came back with Pari.. N said, " started crying outside." Sanyukta smiled at her and took Pari from her and asked the maid to bring some milk for Pari. Pari sat on her mother comfortable lap n looked at the stranger woman in front of her.

"She is beautiful.." Vidushi said.

"Yeah..thanks..she is very naughty too." Sanyukta said lovingly.

"M happy for you are everything that Randhir needed..n m sorry for everything I said to you in past." Vidushi apologized.

"It's okay Vidushi..let's forget the past." Sanyukta said.

"No's my past deeds that's coming back to's my karma that m suffering today." Vidushi said.

"We all do mistakes's more important to realise it n correct those mistakes." Sanyukta said.

"Sanyukta, I never loved anyone except money..n now I have no one except money." Vidushi said with a sad smile.

"You still have Parth.."

"Not anymore..he don't want to stay with me anymore Sanyukta..he want separation..even now when m pregnant." Visushi couldn't hold her tears this time.

" are pregnant..omg..congrats Vidushi." Sanyukta said happily.

"Parth don't want it..she asked me to abort our child as he feels it will create more mess in our life..but I want this child Sanyukta..I want a family too." Vidushi said.

"So, do you want me to talk with Parth?" Sanyukta asked.

"Parth listens to you Sanyukta..n I know why he or Randhir admire you so much..coz you are really a good human being. If you think I deserve a chance please talk to him once." Vidushi begged.

"I will try Vidushi..but even if he don't listen to me..don't feel disheartened..coz if you really want your baby then I will support you." Sanyukta said..n Vidushi looked at her with admiration...respect n guilt.

Randhir walked to his bedroom his both his angels were sleeping in very evening..Pari was sleeping in her mother's embrace with so much of peace. Randhir pull out his phone and click a picture capturing their beautiful faces. He removed the stray locks from Sanyukta's face n bend down to kiss her cheek.. Sanyukta opened her eyes feeling his warm lips on her skin n smiled in response.

"Hey sleeping come you are sleeping at this hour?" Randhir asked her.

Sanyukta sat up carefully..not disturbing Pari..n turn to Randhir, "Your daughter makes me ran behind her for all day..I don't know when I slept off." Sanyukta said yawning.

"Aww, it's good that Pari is keeping you exercised wonder you have so much stamina." Randhir said with a wink..n Sanyukta slapped him in shoulder.

" go get fresh..I have something important to discuss with you..n please call Parth for dinner tonight." Sanyukta said pushing Randhir from bed..

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