Chapter 24

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Randhir saw Sayukta struggling with Pari to feed her..she was crying non stop. It was like something was bothering her n her mother wasn't getting it. Sanyukta took Pari on her arm n patted her back slowly to calm her but there was no use..Pari was turning red from crying. Sanyukta couldn't see her baby like this n before she could control even her eyes filled with tears.

"Sanyu..I guess we should call the doctor." Randhir said.

"I guess you are right..she is totally red..may be her stomach is baby is not well Randhir." Sanyukta said wiping her tears.

"Baby don't cry..she will be fine." Randhir said picking Pari from Sanyukta's arm n took her outside to breathe fresh air but Pari wasn't stoping her cry.

Within half an hour a baby specialist reached Shekhawat checked Pari n make her drink some liquid medicine.

"Mr.'s normal for a's nothing to worry..Pari's body is facing new changes that's why sometime she might have stomach pain due to gas or vomiting too but don't worry m prescribing these will work." Doctor said. Randhir paid the doctor and came back to Sanyukta who was caressing Pari's sleeping frame.

"She is fine baby." Randhir said sitting beside her.

"Randhir...why I feel the pain whenever she cry.." Sanyukta said looking at Pari.

"Coz you are her mother Sanyukta..may be she didn't have your blood but you have given her life..she is yours." Randhir said lovingly.

"Randhir...I won't ever let her know about her birth..she is only mine..she is our child." Sanyukta murmured.

"Of course baby..she is ours." Randhir said n kissed Pari's tiny hands..

Parth reached home n saw Vidushi sleeping on her room closing all was quite dark even when it was daytime. He felt a cringe in his heart, he loved Vidushi despite of knowing that she never loved him..but he knew for a fact it wasn't like she was in love with someone. Vidushi was always in love with one thing that is herself, but Parth felt somewhere between his ignorance n their distance Vidushi was changing too. She wouldn't go for party..she wouldn't spent hours in shopping n parlour and he had noticed since the pregnancy news she had stopped smoking n drinking too. He sat on her bed n feeling someone's presence Vidushi opened her eyes. After 4days she was seeing him, her heart ached thinking what if he had come to fetch her their divorce letter. She knew she was never a good wife, she was never in love with him but seeing him after so many hours Vidushi felt an ease on her heart.

"You went to meet Sanyukta?" Parth asked.

"Yup..m sorry that I went there without asking you but I needed to meet her n say sorry." Vidushi said lowering her gaze.

"Did you really meant it?" Parth asked.

"Parth I never felt such guilt in my life..I have been very bad to her but m really sorry n I really wanted her advice too." Vidushi said.

"Look Vidushi..I still don't believe you..but I respect Sanyukta a lot..she is like my own sister..only for Randhir n Sanyukta m ready to welcome our child to this world." Parth said.

"Do U really?"

"Yes..I want the child and I don't care what you do with it but I will fulfil my all responsibilities towards it.." Parth said n got up..he turn to her and again said, "Be is coming to see you." and Parth walked out leaving Vidushi with a happy smile.

She closed her eyes n murmured, "Thanks a lot Sanyukta".


Randhir was pacing around his office looking really tense, he was waiting for a call from someone..every sec seems hours to him while waiting for it.. He couldn't wait to gear the news of destruction of his enemy who pained his wife..who hurted his Pari n only because of whom he almost lost his life. Breaking his trance his phone buzzed..

"Hello..sir..your work is Mittal empire is Shekhawat's property..we won the auction sir." His employee said cheerfully.

"Good job Adi..I was waiting for your call only." Randhir said n cut the call... He breathed deeply feeling a sense of satisfaction in his heart.

Sameer's illegal business was already sealed n the legal one was up for auction..and grabbing the chance Randhir thought to gift this whole business to Sanyukta on her bday, about which he was pretending to be unaware in front of her.

Sanyukta was annoyed, who wouldn't be if one's husband decided to spend more times with laptop than his wife n above all he forgot her bday too. Sanyukta looked at Randhir who was not at all looking at her while she was busy brushing her hairs. Sanyukta walked to washroom n came out wearing her silk night dress which was nothing but a nightie with noodle strap. Randhir looked at his wife's frowning face..n he could totally sense how irritated she was. She didn't talk to him n lay down on her side showing back to him. Randhir inched closer to her n placed his face on crook of her neck..

"Are U angry with me Sanyu?" He asked playing with her strap.

Sanyukta slapped on his palm n chipped in irritation, "Go n romance with your laptop..sone do mujhe."

"How can I romance with any other thing when I have such a hot wife." Randhir said kissing her cheek.

"Randhir tang mat karo mujhe..huh sara din bas tumhe kaam hi dikhta hai." She said in anger.

"I work only for you baby." Randhir said turning her face to him.

"Randhir..we already have have achieved so much..this is enough for me..for our future, I want your time..not this millions of property or anything." Sanyukta said looking at his eyes. "I have seen you tensed about your work Randhir..I don't want that..let's just be happy with what we have." Sanyukta said touching his chin.

"Baby..m no more tensed..and m sorry that I couldn't give you time from few days.." Randhir said pushing her stray locks from her face.

"I was thinking to throw a party tomorrow..Parth suggested na we should introduce Pari to all." Randhir said.

"Tomorrow?" Sayukta said widening her eyes but she felt a little disappointed that her Randhir forgot that it's her bday tomorrow.


"Okay..whatever you think right." Sanyukta said hiding her disappointed..

Soon Randhir's expert hand made it's way to the knots of her nightie n every other thought vanished from Sanyukta's mind as her husband started making love to her.


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