Chapter 21

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Sanyukta paced around the hospital corridor as doctor took Randhir inside a room to do some test. She wondered how her life is being so dramatic, lately she was feeling like she was a problem magnet. Everyone she loved would end up in problem because of her and it was making her guilty.

"Everything will be fine..dont stress." Parth said keeping a hand on her shoulder.

Randhir slowly opened his eyes after hours and look at the ceiling above him n rembered the first memory of his love. He remembered the strip club and the most sexiest girl he ever seen in his life..he remembered the slap she printed on his cheek..he remembered the revenge plan he plotted for her... He smiled how his plan backfired him and eventually he fall for her. Randhir remembered how few weeks ago he was not accepting his wife as his own but again she stood by him and made him fall for her again.

"Mrs. Shekhawat...patient wants to meet you." The nurse said, and Sanyukta hesitately walked to the cabin giving Pari in Parth's hand.

Randhir saw her coming towards him with slow steps..n he smirked looking at her saying, "What happen Mrs. Shekhawat..are you afraid that I lost my memory again."

Sanyukta knew this tone of Randhir..he was back..he was completely back to her... Sanyukta ran to him and Randhir engulf her into a bone crushing hug.

"Randhir." Sanyukta murmured into her breathe..she couldn't believe everything was fine, it felt like she was breathing fresh air after a long time.

"Hey baby..m totally fine." Randhir said n kissed her hairs. Sanyukta pulled herself from the hug and stared at him..she missed this smirk on his face..she missed pool of love in his eyes..she missed her Randhir..

"Maine tumhe bahot tang kiya na?" Randhir asked. Sanyukta couldn't say anything but just looking at him and again kept her head in his chest..

"If i lost memory again..please hit me with a hammer in my head untill I remember you okay..coz I never want forget you baby." Randhir said hugging her close..

"I love you Randhir...I love you so much." Sanyukta managed to say.

"I love you too Mrs. Shekhawat." Randhir said making her look into his eyes n pecking on her lips lightly.

"It's look like everything is fine in the paradise." Parth said happily. Sanyukta broked the hug as she heard Parth n took Pari from him.

"Hey Parth..m sorry for being an ass these really helped me a lot bro." Randhir said shaking his hand with Parth.

"No issue man..m glad that you are finally fine." Parth said. Pari looked at her father and giggled as he pull her to his arm and kissed her chubby cheeks..

"Your daddy is back sweetheart..and he is going nowhere." He said n Pari warp her little fingers around his one finger.

"M going to kill that Sameer for bringing my daughter into this mes." Randhir said furiously.

"Randhir police won't spare him at any cost..don't worry." Parth said.

"No Parth..I may not kill him literally but I will destroy him n his company for sure...he used Pari..n I can't let him go so easily." Randhir said looking down at his cute angel who had been staring at him. Parth sighed and walked out of the cabin as he saw Vidushi's name flashing on his screen.

"What do you need Vidushi?" He asked.

"Did U guys find pari?" She asked.

"Yes..she is fine..anything else?" Parth asked.

"No..but Parth please forgive me." Vidushi begged.

"I don't need your sorry Vidushi..just don't create any mess around me n stop making me humiliated that will be enough." Parth said and cut the call.

He came back to the cabin and saw Sanyukta n Randhir looking at pari who was crawling beside them..n Randhir pulled his wife on his arm lovingly.. Parth smiled at them and walked out without disturbing the happy family.


Randhir sat on a picnic blanket on his backyard lawn, and around him Pari was crawling from a long time. It's been week that he got discharged from hospital. Sanyukta had ordered him to keep an eye on Pari who had formed a habit of disappear. Sanyukta was having tough time handling over energetic Pari who would take the whole house over her head if anyone carry her in hand. She would cry n cry until Sanyukta let her moving on her own..only when she is hungry she would sit on her mother's lap or otherwise she love to crawl specially around Randhir. Randhir looked over Pari shutting down his laptop who was now tired n reaching out to his lap. Randhir kept aside his laptop n make Pari comfortable on his lap.

"Are you tired sweetheart?" Randhir asked Pari and she tug at his t-shirt.

Randhir sometimes wondered how he formed a father bone inside this little girl made him feel overwhelming emotions. He had already forgot the fact that she was not his child..for him n Sanyukta she will be always the first child of them.

"Who knew a day would come when I have the honour to see Mr. Randhir Singh Shekhawat playing with his baby girl." Randhir heard a familiar voice saying from his behind n he turned.

"Parth..yes who would had imagine that one day I appreciate your existence too." Randhir mocked him.

Seeing Parth, Pari giggled n came down from her fathers lap n crawl towerds Parth.

"Oh wao..she is fast." Parth exclaimed.

"'s her new game..she is showing off that she can move on her own." Randhir said. Parth mistakenly picked Pari in his arm and Pari shouted on her top notch and start crying..

"Put her down Parth..or else Sanyukta will kill you." Randhir said n Parth put down Pari immediately. And they saw Sanyukta running towards them wearing her apron over her dress looking absolutely typical housewife.

"Who among U both made her cry?" Sanyukta asked glaring at them and Randhir pointed to Parth who was giving her apologizing look.

"Sorry Sanyukta..I didn't realise she would cry so badly." Parth said.

"Don't be sorry's all Randhir's fault he wouldn't let me even snap at Pari..she is being so stubborn from few days and Randhir is only encouraging her." Sanyukta said glaring at Randhir and Parth laugh out aloud seeing Randhir tongue tied in front of his wife.

"Poor Randhir." Parth sighed.

" your biriyani ready?" Randhir asked coming closer to Sanyukta n lightly caressing her waist n tried to distract her.

"Don't baby me now..bigad rahe ho tum Pari ko." She said jerking off Randhir.

"Wao biriyani..mujhe v khilao, m bored of eating from cook's hand." Parth tried to rescue Randhir.

"Parth it's almost ready..u guys go n sit..till I need to make this little badmash sleep." Sanyukta said picking up Pari and Randhir murmured a thanks to Parth.


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