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She used to shed her clothes aways to get paid... He used to tore ppl's lives to satisfy himself.

She was pure yet dirty... He was delicious yet forbidden.

He wanted her at any cost...n She loathed him with her life.

He thought he can get anything with money and she thought she was Priceless....


It was his not usual day to visit a stripping reality he hates visiting it. But he was there for his clients..they wanted some entertainment n they landed up there. Randhir hates the idea of girls stripping down their cloths just for few bucks. He would rather get a call girl in his bed in weekends then wasting time on strippers. It was one of the most prestigious n famous striping club in New York, n only millionaires would get entry there. As Randhir n his companions settle there with drinks in hands..the show started. The club was huge yet the show started, lights were turned off, it was dark n only decorated by blue sparkling light. Every eyes were fixed on the stage where few girls walked in..all took position in different corners of club leaving only one girl in the centre stage.

Randhir's eyes were fixed on her. She moved her waist n hips along with the music that was playing on. She had a mask on.. covering her eyes. She tore off her skirt in the rhythm.. displaying her perfect long legs.. Randhir couldn't take off his eyes from her. There was something magnetic about her body..her move that made him almost drool over her. She sensually removed her jacket n only left with her undergarments. She was looking like some seductive goddesses on those heels n mask. She moved towards the poll in the middle of the stage n did a amazing poll dance. She never smiled, yet her moves were flirtious. N with a final walk in the stage she ended her performance.

Randhir walked towards the bar n take out some money n offer to the bartender.

"Who was she on the centre stage?" Randhir asked.

"She is newbie, just have joined this week n this was her 1st show." Bartender replied.

"I asked the name."

"I don't know her real name but everyone call her Sam."

Randhir turned n left the counter before the bartender could say anything...all he need was her get her in his bed. 


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