Chapter 14

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Randhir looked at Sanyukta who was cooking lunch for him, she called for day from office to take care of Pari. Randhir couldn't stop admiring her ravishing beauty, he could feel his burning desires everytime she walk swing her hips. He never thought anyone could capture his heart like this, he never felt this way for anyone..but with Sanyukta he can see his future. N with Pari in addition to their world it feels his family picture is complete. He knew to adopt Pari legally they need to get married, but before that Randhir wanted Sanyukta to realise his feeling for her. He didn't want to pressurize her for a commitment on a wrong assumption. She still feels it's his lust for her that was driving him to do all things. But only he knew how much she meant for him, how much he want to take care of much he want to love her.

"What are you thinking?" Sanyukta asked placing a plate in front of him.

"Hmm..I was thinking this place is not proper for Pari.." He said.

"What's wrong with this house? It's just a lil messy." She protested.

"Only messy?? It's gloomy n dark..can't U see it unhygienic to stay in such suffocating place?" He asked glaring at her.

"So what U suggest?"

"We are moving into new apartment." He said.

"No..m not going anywhere. Here I have Arpita n Sahil's memories..I can't abandon them." She said.

"If you want to give Pari the love of mother..then U have to move on from past..Pari doesn't deserve bugs from her past, yup of course Sahil n Arpita's memories will be take care of..u don't worry.." He said.

Sanyukta couldn't help but agree to his words..Pari didn't need to feel the guilt if her parents death, she didn't deserve to grow with the fact that she is orphan. Sanyukta was overwhelmed by Randhir's insight. She knew Randhir wanted her..but she never expected Randhir to accept her with all her faults n miseries.

"Yeah you are right." She agreed.

"I will talk to Jignesh about the apartment..n we will move there as soon as possible." He said wiping his mouth.

"I will pay the half price..u don't need to show your money power on me." She said in a lousy voice.

"Okay miss..watever you want." He said getting up.

"Are U going?" Sanyukta asked, she loved having him around.

"Nope..just going to wash my dish." He said n left with a wink.

How domestic of Mr Billionaire..Sanyukta thought. When Randhir came back to table, they heard Pari's cry. Sanyukta was a slow eater, she was still not done and before she could get up Randhir reach to Pari's cradle n pick her up. This was the first time he was carrying a flesh in his hand.. Randhir carefully patted her back n carried her out of her room..Randhir was amazed in Pari's features, her tiny hands..legs..her twinkling eyes n dark hairs..she was bundle of cuteness.

Sanyukta stopped eating n rooted in her spot, she couldn't miss a sec of the beauty in front of her. Randhir with a baby in his hand..she couldn't have imagine this frame if she was not the witness. He was so attentive..careful n above all there was an ease in his face. He was genuinely happy..he was smiling brightly as Pari played with one of his jacket's button.

"She is so precious." Randhir said when his eyes met Sanyukta's. N sanyukta felt her eyes beaming with tears of unknown happiness n her stomach filled content with this happiness. She washed the dishes n saw Pari sleeping on Randhir's chest peacefully.

It was almost evening when Randhir accompanied Jignesh to see an apartment was double bedroom apartment with awsome view from balcony. He liked the apartment n hence decided to get it. when Sanyukta heard about the apartment, she wondered how this man get everything so fast. Randhir was talking with his manager in New York through web cam when Sanyukta was too working on Randhir's project. Suddenly she remember Randhir talking about her family. She closed down the file n waited for Randhir to finish his meeting.

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