Chapter 7

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Sanyukta woke up with a start n find herself wrapping in a male figure. She doesn't need to look up to find who he was but suddenly she felt embarrassed to meet him in this position. So she again closed her eyes n pretended to be asleep. Randhir woke up after few minutes n seeing her in his arm like that made him feel an protectiveness towards her. He possessively kissed her forhead n lay down her head in pillow n walked out of the room. Sanyukta opened her eyes realising his absence n felt so glad remembering the last night.

Randhir was having breakfast n talking to one of his employee when sanyukta reached there.

"Good morning Randhir." She said.

"What the hell are you doing here? Go n take rest..I already instructed these people to take care if you in my absence." He said, he was genuinely worried for her.

"M fine..kuch nhi hua hai me." She said giving him a assuring smile.

"But still I want you to stay at home today..skip the classes if it's possible." He said showing his concern.

"Okay." She nodded. She didn't want to argue with him.

Sanyukta was worried what if Randhir ask her about her nightmares n all but she was so happy n relieved that he was behaving normal with her, she loved how he was still respecting her boundaries her conditions. Randhir left for office asking her to take care n take rest. Usually he kissed her lips everytime he left for office but this time he placed a kiss on her forehead.

Randhir was frustrated, he needed to let out his anger n overpowering rage on someone. This was the first time his company made a huge loss. He was totally broken down n feeling like destroying everything. Tonight he needed to pour down his frustration on someone..he called up his agent n ask for a call girl for the night.

Sanyukta was getting bored sleeping all day..she wanted to do something special for Randhir as a token of thanks for last night. She reached to kitchen n started cooking dinner for him.

Randhir reached the hotel room he booked for the night n threw his coat n tie on the bed. He pour wine on his glass n waited for the girl he gonna ravish. Randhir opened the door when he heard a soft knock on the door. A beautiful American girl walked in his room. Without wasting time she sat beside him n her hand fumbled on his buttons of shirt. When that girl touched his skin Randhir couldn't bear was such an unacceptable feeling..he didn't felt it right when she sat so close to him. He felt like he was cheating with his own feeling. But why..?? He looked down to that girl's eyes n he knew why he was feeling so weird..he pushed her hands away n said sorry. He paid her fees n walked out. Randhir was feeling restless on the whole ride to his home. He needed to figure out why he saw Sanyukta's face when that girl was beside him. What was it? He didn't felt like this even when he was with Vidushi.

Randhir literally ran into his home n then slowed down when his employees spotted him n informed him about Sanyukta. Randhir saw her in his kitchen.. wearing apron..her hairs were pinned high with a clutch n she was barefoot. She was mixing some batter in a bowl when he approached her. He slide his hands on her waist from behind n kissed her bare skin.

"Randhir..kab aaye tum?" She asked.

"Just now..I asked you to rest yaha kya kar rahi ho?" He asked nuzzling on her neck.

"I was totally bored so thought to entertain myself by cooking." She said turning to him.

Randhir felt bliss there standing with her, it was a homely feeling...he never felt. He pulled her for a toe curling kiss which made Sanyukta felt weak on her knees.

She pulled out from the kiss n said, "Let me finish this Randhir..n u go n freshen up." She said.

Randhir wondered if they were behaving like married couple..or it was just an emotion that made this girl so special in his life.. He went to his room n showered. N when he walked down there was a delicious cake along with a beautiful girl waiting for him.

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