Chapter 28

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Sanyukta forced air inside the balloon and took another to give it full form. It was Pari's bday after all.. Sanyukta and Randhir was doing everything to please their daughter and both called leave in office for their special day.

Sanyukta wanted to feel Pari comfortable so she decided to make her bday a family gathering only. Pari was being a moody lately and started to show her tantrums all day. Sanyukta saw her helpers cooking dishes and decorating the home and smiled happily in satisfaction. She rose and went to check the oven where she backed cake for her baby. N there she saw Pari walking towards her holding her father's hands...she still felt the thrill of seeing Pari walking..she remembered how Randhir went crazy seeing Pari walking on her feet n since he started recording her every movement.

"Aaja mera bachha." Sanyukta said picking up Pari n Randhir hugged her from behind.

"How's my baby?" He asked.

"Awsome..afterall it's our princess bday." She said.

"Good..btw I forgot to ask are you finding Nik with you?"

"He is a nice guy unlike Stephen..that guy was creepy." Sanyukta said.

"Hmm..don't worry..he is already shifted to other department." Randhir said n kissed Sanyukta's cheek. Sanyukta told her uncomfortable feelings regarding Stephen to Randhir n Randhir immediately transfer him to other department.

"Randhir please hold Pari..m feeling like vomiting again." Sanyukta said n rushed to washroom..It's been 3 days that Sanyukta was feeling ill but she was refraining Randhir to call doctor in..she was afraid to face the possibilities she was feeling.

Soon Parth and Vidushi came in to home and both families had an amazing evening together. Vidushi was fully heavy now and Sanyukta could see that the bond between Parth n Vidushi was growing stronger.

Sanyukta smiled happily when Randhir cut the cake holding Pari's tiny mini hand and as Sanyukta stood up to pick her baby in arm..Sanyukta felt dizzy n fell on Randhir's arm..Randhir didn't heard a word from Sanyukta and called doctor immediately and Sanyukta's fear comes alive when doctor announced her pregnant.


Randhir looked at Sanyukta's tensed face n realised she was going through some emotional turmoil regarding the news which would have made her happy in other times but not now. He bid adieu to Parth n Vidushi who congratulate them n left and then put Pari into sleep n finally came to his wife who was blankly looking at the ceiling.

"What's troubling you baby?" Randhir asked caressing her hairs.

"Randhir, we didn't plan baby yet na..why it came now..Pari is just one will we manage another child now?" She let out her frustration.

"So my baby thinking about all these things? Sanyukta look if you don't want this baby now then m okay with it..coz it's not that we are childless..we have Pari but let me tell you one thing I can assure you that Pari will be fine even if we welcome another life to our world." Randhir said kissing her forehead.

"Randhir...m afraid..I don't want Pari to feel a little bit of ignorance from us..I want a child when Pari will be old enough to accept a sister or a brother." Sanyukta said.

"Baby you are thinking too's nothing like that."

"Randhir, don't you want this child?" She asked hesitantly.

"Obviously I want an another child but only when you are comfortable Sanyukta and for me Pari is our first priority for life." Randhir said n pulled Sanyukta to his embrace and Sanyukta closed her eyes in relieve.

"Baby I need to leave for Washington for 3 days tomorrow will be fine na?" Randhir asked.

"Yup..I will be fine..but I will miss you..3 days are too long." Sanyukta pouted looking up to him n Randhir kissed her pout n answered, "I will miss you too..."

It was already evening and Sanyukta was in her office going through some files, she was confused that some of her files were missing...she kept files in table and locked her office. She called Randhir and asked him about his meeting and told him that she was leaving for home. As she reached her car Sanyukta remembered that she forgot her laptop in the office n again went to her office...their were only cleaning ppl on that floor and when she reached her office she saw her office door was open..she alerted herself n step forward n saw Stephen was keeping her missing files on table.

"How dare you Stephen?" She roared N before she could do anything Stephen approached her n pressed a napkin on her face n within minutes she was senseless.


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