Chapter 29

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Randhir took a break during his meeting and dialled Sanyukta's number to ask whether she reached home or not. Her ph ranged for 10th time unanswered and Randhir dialled his landline number when his mother-in-law informed that Sanyukta wasn't in home. Randhir was tensed, Sanyukta was never careless about her timing..his mind started thinking ill and he called Sanyukta's security..

"Where is your madam?" Randhir asked.

"Sir mam went to her cabin half an hour ago saying she forgot something there but she isn't back yet." Security informed.

"You idiot does it take half an hour to bring something..go right now n check on her." Randhir roared.

"Yes sir." Security answered and frantically ran to Sanyukta's cabin n he stammered in phone.. "Sir..mam is not here..her phone lying on the ground."

"Oh police n check cctv footage right now." Randhir ordered n cut the call.

Randhir cancelled his all meetings and hired a private jet to New York..he called Parth and asked him to reach office immediately. Randhir sat on his jet n his eyes fell on his phone wallpaper, smiling Sanyukta with Pari..his eyes welled up with tears and his heart prayed to almighty to safe his life wherever she was.

Sanyukta opened her eyes when cold water splashed on her face...

"Hello Sam..whats up?" Stephen asked with a cruel smile. Sanyukta couldn't understand for a moment why he was calling her that..

"Confused much?? Well Mrs. Sanyukta Shekhawat what do you think of yourself?? Do you think you can hide your real identity..may be your husband doesn't know your past but I know look better without cloth Sam." Stephen said n brushed his fingers on her cheek..

Sanyukta spitted on his face in disgust and said, "My husband knew everything he should know n mark my words you bastard the moment Randhir will find won't be alive."

"Do you think m a fool? Who would marry a cheap stripper like you with real identity?? M sure Mr. Shekhawat fell for your preety face n lost his life to a whore." He said clutching Sanyukta's hairs..n Sanyukta yelled in pain..

"Randhir will kill you." She murmured.

"But before that I will have what he was having..n chill babe I have already seen you half naked." He said and he was about to place his hand over her shirt button when Sanyukta lift her knees up n kicked him hard where it hurt most.

Stephen yelled in pain before Sanyukta could escape he held her tight pushed her towards a table n Sanyukta's stomach hit it's corner and she cried in pain..she saw a knife on the table n pick it up..the moment Sanyukta felt Stephen approaching her she turned n dug the knife right on his stomach..

When Randhir reached the spot following police's information he saw Sanyukta sitting on ground like a statue with a knife and beside her there was a pool of blood.


Randhir's world seemed stopped right there..seeing his wife vulnerable and broken. He immediately ran to her n scooped her in his arm.. Sanyukta didn't react at all..she was still numb..she didn't even realised what was going on and who was around her..

Randhir pressed her face on his chest n hushed on her ear, "baby..m here.." Randhir was caressing her hairs when Parth approached them along with a police officer.

"Is she fine?" Parth asked.

"No..she is not Parth." Randhir said even without knowing that his tears were coming down too..

"Mr. Shekhawat we needed mam's statement." The police said.

"Are you out of mind..can't you see her condition..she is not talking at all god damn it." Randhir roared.

"Thank god that the guy is not dead but severely injured..otherwise we could have fall in bigger problem." Parth said.

"Marr jata to achha tha." Randhir breathed.

"Baby..chalo ghar chale..Pari wait kar rahi hai na mumma ka." He said to Sanyukta and for the first time Sanyukta looked up hearing the name of her daughter.

"Everything is fine Sanyu..sab thik hai..tumne kuch bhi galat nhi kiya..m so proud of you." Randhir said cupping her face. And Sanyukta broke down in tears..n Randhir sighed in relief. He was happy to see Sanyukta finally reacting..he noticed few bruises n cut on her hand..

"We need to see doctor..then we will go to home..okay." Randhir said wiping her tears n placing a kiss on her forehead.

"We have to do some paperwork sir." The police office interrupt.

"Do hell with your wife is not a criminal and if you still have to ask her something then I will inform you once she feel normal..until then keep that bastard safely coz you never know when I came to kill him." Randhir said glaring at the officer.

"Sir..we promise that he will get proper punishment..please do inform us once ma'am is ready to give us statement." The officer said and left.

"Randhir you take her to doctor I will call later." Parth too left them alone and Randhir carried Sanyukta to his car n within few minutes he reached to hospital.

The doctor examined Sanyukta n let Randhir stay beside her as Sanyukta was not leaving his hand for a moment.. Randhir's heart ached seeing his girl in so much pain and felt guilty that he was not there with her at that time.

The doctor after checking up Sanyukta's all reports came to the cabin n asked Randhir to came with her.. "Mr shekhawat there is nothing to worry about the injuries..they are minor but.."

"What doctor?" He asked.

"Due to some force and shock your wife had a miscarriage..other than that everything is all right." The doctor said n left.

Randhir came back to Sanyukta and she asked only one thing, "Our baby is dead na?"

"Don't worry about that are more important than anything else n we can have lots of babies..all I want is you Sanyu..only you." Randhir said n hugged Sanyukta tight.


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