Chapter 8

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Days flew very fast in their morning breakfast chats, long evening make outs and busy days.. Randhir was totally dependent on Sanyukta for his personal things, she took care of his food to library. N their relationship turned to a nameless yet very strong bonding. As the month approaching towards the end Sanyukta's heart was sinking with the thought of absence of Randhir in her life. It was last day of her final exam n it had 2 days to Randhir's bday. Randhir had stop analysing their relation n his emotions for her, all he wanted was she by his side always. Randhir was busy on his office when Parth came in..

"Hey Randhir..whats up?" Parth asked hugging him.

"M good come you are here??" Randhir asked.

"Actually it our wedding anniversary today..n we are throwing a small party. So me n Vidushi want you n samira there." Parth said.

Randhir didn't want to look at Vidushi's face ever but he couldn't deny Parth's invitation as he knew Parth was unaware of Vidushi n his past, n Parth genuinely maintained a healthy relationship with him. Randhir accepted his invitation n assured him that he will surely try to attend the party. Randhir dialled his residence number. As expected Sanyukta picked it up.

"Hey miss..what are you doing?" He asked.

"Nothing Randhir..just arranging some stuff." She replied.

"Hmm good..well we need to attend Parth n Vidushi's anniversary party be ready n don't wear anything sexy.." He said mocking her.

"What again don't want to go." She said.

"Parth himself came to my office to invite..I would look ugly if we wont attend it." He try to convince her.

"Okay..but why shouldn't I wear something sexy?"

"I don't want anyone else to ogle at my gf." He replied.

"Yeah.. Caretaker cum gf with benefits." She teased.

"Watever you say miss..just be ready on time." He said n hung up. Sanyukta smiled n went to her room to decide what to wear for the night.

There was someone who couldn't wait for the night to come, she was waiting for the time when she can payback her humiliation to that girl.

Vidushi took her ph n dialled a number, "I want everything to be perfect..dont dare to mess up with the arrangement." She said n cut it down. She smiled wickedly as she knew the night gonna belong to her..

Randhir reached house n hurriedly went to shower. Sanyukta came down to hall hearing the doorbell, there was Randhir's security holding a gift.

"Mam..plz give it to sir." The security said n went out.

Sanyukta knocked at Randhir's door n pushed it getting no response. She walked in to his huge room..n placed the gift on his bed.

She turned to go but hault as she heard his voice, "Stop right there." He said.

Randhir walked out of his washroom wrapping towel on his waist. Waters were still dipping from his hair. Randhir's heart ran faster than anything when he saw her back..he asked her not to wear so seductive yet she was wearing a red hot sari with black border along with halter neck blouse which left her back totally naked. He reached closer to her n his finger brushed above the hook of blouse. He pushed her hairs aside n let his fingers feel the softness of her skin. Sanyukta arched her back in response n he felt his lips in her ear...n her back pressing to his naked chest.

"I asked you not to wear sexy." He murmured.

"It's just a sari Randhir." Sanyukta managed to reply.

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