Chapter 22

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Randhir and Parth sat in the dinning as Sanyukta started to serve them. It took her a little long to make Pari sleep and came back to them.

"It's so awsome Sanyukta.." Parth exclaimed gulping down a spoonful of biriyani.

"I agree..this is superb baby as usual." Randhir agreed.

"Good..then finish it all." Sanyukta said sitting beside her husband.

"Randhir don't you think you need to inform your business partners and circle about your family now." Parth said suddenly.

"I haven't think about it Parth and seriously I don't want media to spy around me n my family." Randhir said.

"Aree but if you will hide longer it will create more controversy..if u listen to me I suggest to throw a simple party among your friends and introduce Sanyukta and Pari to them." Parth said.

" are right Parth..what you say baby?" Randhir asked Sanyukta.

"Whatever you feels right Randhir..I don't know much about your world." She said.

Randhir leaned a little towards her n place his hand over hers and murmured, "You are my world..if you don't feel comfortable we wont do it.."

"No..m okay with it do what you think right." Sanyukta replied lovingly.

Breaking their trance Randhir's cell phone ranged and he picked it up..after a minute he hanged it up n announced, "Guys I need to leave..there is an emergency in the office." Randhir said and stood up..

Sanyukta too stood up but Randhir made her sit n said, "Finish your plate first..I will get ready till them." And then he left.

Parth and Sanyukta both ate in the silence and suddenly Sanyukta asked, "Parth, do you love Vidushi?"

"What kind of question is that Sanyukta." Parth choked on his water.

"It's a simple question you love your wife?" Sanyukta asked again.

"It doesn't matter Sanyukta.." Parth said looking down.

"Then why don't you divorce her and start you life freshly." Sanyukta said raising a brow.

"Are U mad matter how she is..she is my wife..I can't think about divorcing her." Parth said furiously.

"Okay..calm down..I got my answer." Sanyukta said with a smile, but Parth didn't react.

"Do you want me to talk to her?" Sanyukta asked.

"She hates you Sanyukta." Parth said.

"Who hates my wife?" Randhir asked from behind.

"No one Mr. Husband..are you ready." Sanyukta said smiling back at her husband who was looking smoking hot on his three piece office suit.

"Okay..m going now..don't wait for me at night if I get late." Randhir said kissing at her forehead.

"Randhir me too coming with you..I need to discuss about a business deal with you." Parth said.

"Okay..let's go then." Randhir said and both walked out of the mansion.

Sanyukta sat down on her couch and thought how she could make Vidushi open her eyes and see what she is missing in her life. It was almost 10 pm when Randhir walked into his drawing room n saw his sexy wife lying on his couch with a magazine on her hand and she was still unaware of his presence. Randhir bend down to her n pecked her cheeks.

"When you came." Sanyukta said sitting up..

"When you were busy reading." He said sitting beside her. Sanyukta kept her magazine aside n hugged Randhir and played with his coat buttons..

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