Chapter 1

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She was removing her make up in her make up room when Mark came in.

"Sam, a customer wants to talk with U."


"I don't know, well he is a hot property though." Said Mark in his totally gay-ish way.

"Well I don't have time Mark..n if anyone has work with me then ask him to talk with manager..I won't go." She said buttoning up her shirt. N as she turned to leave she saw him..standing on her door.

"Hey Mr. U are not allowed here." She said polietly.

"Well Miss m allowed everywhere." Randhir said in a calm voice surpressing his rage.

He hates when someone defies him. No one dare to raise voice against his will...n here this petty stripper was throwing attitude over him, that was too much to handle.

"Well I don't receive customer mister." She realised the person in front of her is Indian too.

"U look Indian." Randhir said.

"That's none of ur business, tell me why are U here n get out." She glared.

She hates ppl who think they can buy the world with money n she was sure this person purely belong to that section only.

"Well miss, let's come to the point...I want U in my bed n ready to pay anything U want." She felt like slapping him right at that moment.

"M a stripper not a prostitute, n before I kicked U out of this room...just get out." Sanyukta said flashing her red eyes.

"How dare U." Randhir said catching her wrist tightly n bring her close. N there a slap landed on his cheek printing red mark.

The girl moaned in pain as he bite her waist hard..she hissed in pain n rolled on taking Randhir beneath her. She kissed him on lips but as her hand touched his cheek he groaned n jerked her off. He instantly got up n dressed n throw some money on the bed directed to her. The girl was shocked, she never met such weird customer in her life..she dressed up n left the room.

It's been 2 days..n yet Randhir couldn't get out of the feeling of utter humiliation. The thought of that stripper n slap was still fresh on his mind..other than that he also remember how her big hazel eyes burned red when she slapped her.

"I will make her life hell." He vowed n dialled a number.

"Mark..did u get any information about Sam?" He demanded.

" than the fact that she is from India I couldn't find anything."

"I didn't pay u for just hard..n get something fruitful."

"Sir she lives alone here, no family no friends n her real name is not Sam."

"What's her real name?"

"Don't know sir..she is very secretive about her personal life n don't talk to anyone." Mark finished.

"Okay..send me her schedule of performance n keep looking for more info." He ordered n cut the call.


The moment she walked on the stage..her eyes fell on him. He was there looking dead drop gorgeous with his spiky hairs..n three piece armani suit. She couldn't help but admire how good he looks, but as the event of 3 days ago flashed in her memory, she felt disgusted. How can anyone be so shameless..she thought. N ignored his smirk n start her performance. It was still so uneasy for her..she hated this show of body as if they are not human but some showpiece to entertain these rich jerks. But this is the only place she could hide in n reach her goal. Few more months..only few more months..she thought.

Randhir knew that she was conscious of his glance, well he was man in mission. Mission to make his prey fall in his trap. as he saw Mark, he signalled him to come.

"Did she agreed for the proposition?" Randhir asked.

"No sir..she said she won't give private performace at any cost..n according to our deal we can't force her too." Mark informed.

"Okay." Randhir said as mark left. This was getting more interesting then he assumed.

Today she was wearing tiny pieces of clothes covering her essentials. As she walked towards his table, Randhir felt a sudden speed in his blood pumping organ. She bend down to adjust her heel just in front of him, totally unaware of his presence n right there their eyes met.. Hazel n chocolate..h Randhir's eyes fall into the black mole in her upper part of breast..n to himself it was the most sexiest thing he ever witnessed. She adjusted her mask n dashed out from his sight. Leaving him craving for more.

After her shift..Sanyukta ran to Mark's room to discuss something important.

"Mark I need some advance plz." She pleaded.

"No Sam, U have already taken advance two times I can't help U." Mark said.

"This is very urgent..please try to understand."

"Look darling..if U need more money then I have to contact our manager n he will ask U the reason why are U not giving private performance if U need it so much?" Mark explained further. "N that hot shot office guy was offering 500 dollar for U..but you just reject him..I don't get how can U reject such hot meat!"

"That creep who always come to my show?" She asked.

"Yes the very same guy on whom you printed your hand..actually U should thank me n him that we didn't inform the authority.." He said faking anger.

She fell in deep thought..she needed money..she needed it to submit by next week n she had no other way.

"Okay Mark call him up n say m ready." She
said n walked out.


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