Chapter 9

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A/N: There are some adult scene described in this update...plz avoid reading it if you are not comfortable.


Next day Randhir went to his office but couldn't concentrate his mind anywhere. All he wanted was Sanyukta beside him..he remembered her pale face of last night which made his heart clenched. He wanted to be there with her all day but he had rounds of meeting to attend. It was night when Randhir was finished n when he reached home Sanyukta was already asleep. He went to her room n kissed her forehead before he went to sleep.

It was Randhir's bday and Sanyukta was all ready to make it special for him. She was nervous but she knew she wanted to give him all she had to her. When Randhir came down to breakfast table she was ready with his all fav items. He pecked her lips n muttered a thanks against her lips.

"I wanted to stay all day with you miss..but I have a big deal to crack today." He said.

"It's okay Randhir..I will wait for you..come soon." She said giving him a light kiss on his cheek.

Sanyukta asked all the maids n worker to was already evening n she started her arrangement for Randhir. Randhir walked into his house n found it totally dark..only candles were burning in places guiding the path towards his fav room in the house. Randhir walked slowly towards the room n Randhir's heart stopped beating as he saw her waiting for him wearing nothing but his white shirt..his shirt managed to cover till her mid thigh exposing her long toned legs for him. Her hairs were open, her face was glowing in the light of fire. She walked closer to him in slow step n stand an inch part from him, she lean forward hold on his tie n brought his face closer to her, she placed her lower lip between his lip making him taste her strawberry gloss while her hands struggled to open his tie.

Randhir sucked hard on her lips making her winch but before he could deepened it..she pushed him on the couch nearby keeping his tie on her hand.. Randhir stood up as he saw her going away n follow her. He hold her wrist n pulled her hard making her bump on his chest. He placed his hand on her hips over the shirt n brought her face closer to kiss her till she whimper.

"Randhir..abhi nhi, let's cut the cake first." Sanyukta said placing her finger on his lips.

"Do hell with the cake..all I want to eat right now is you." He said shamelessly.

"But it's your birthday..n I haven't taste the cake yet." She said placing a kiss on his cheek. He traced her lips, outlining it with his thumb n she kissed it.

"Okay..let's eat the cake." He said running his back of hands on her jaw.

Sanukta hold his hand n they stood beside the coffee table where she kept a chocolate cake topping it with strawberry. Randhir blow the candle on it n took out a small piece n held it in front of Sanyukta. Sanyukta took a little bite n hold the rest of it for him.

"Happy birthday Randhir." She said.

"I won't eat like this." He said..n she gave him a confused look.

Randhir took out some icing from the cake n trailed his finger over Sanyukta's lips. And that was it he took her lips on his n suck it wiping off all the icing. He didn't gave her opportunity to kiss him back and Sanyukta placed her chocolate icing filled hands on his neck. He sucked her lips until it only left with her own flavour. As he withdraw his lips from her, Sanyukta grabbed his collar n smashed her lips on him..he groaned as she bit his lower lip. She entered his mouth n started exploring it all over he was kissing him for the last time. As she slowed down, Randhir looked at her flashed face..there was a little chocolate over her nose tip..he smile n kiss there n licked it off. He looked down to her desire filled eyes..he knew she was surrendering her body to him..but he needed to be sure.

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