Chapter 27

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Sanyukta was going through a file and trying to gulp the fact that now she was dealing in billions.. sometimes it's becomes so hard for her to realise that her husband, who would cook for her..who would stay away whole night when she or Pari falls sick was a bloody billionaire. Thinking about him she raised her head from the file and saw Randhir standing on her cabin looking at her attentively.

"Kab aaye tum aur kyu nhi bulaya mujhe?" She asked.

"I didn't wanna missed this sight..when my girl looking extremely sexy with this glass on n this office dress." Randhir said smirking.

"Randhir..aren't you tired of flirting with me?" She asked when she saw Randhir coming towards her.

"Nope..I can never get tired of flirting with my wife...I can never get tired of kissing my wife...n I can never get enough of her anytime." Randhir said leaning to her...

Sanyukta wrapped her hands around his neck n bring him down for a kiss...She could never get enough of his sexy mouth..she loved how Randhir always made her feel beautiful.. passionate n wild. Randhir was about to pull away from her when Sanyukta open her mouth to give him access for more.

"Baby..let's finish it in home." Randhir said against her lips.. Sanyukta smiled and get walked with him to home. It's been already a month that she joined office...other than feeling those uncomfortable vibes around Stefan..Sanyukta was totally happy with her professional life. She loved how Pari come to her everytime she reach home..

The evening were only for her nights were always her husband's. As they stepped into their house Sanyukta picked up Pari from her mom..and hugged her tight..

"Mamma missed U so much mera bacha." She said and Pari touched her mother's cheek in affection..

"Give papa a kiss now." Randhir said leaning to Pari and Pari pressed her lips on her Father's's been few days that Pari was giving kisses to everyone. Randhir opened his arm n Pari came to his embrace and Sanyukta frowned.

Anju asked Sanyukta and Randhir to get fresh and ordered the maids to prepare something for them to eat. Randhir received a msg from Parth that he and Vidushi was coming for dinner..and soon they get freshed and waited for their guest.


Parth and Vidushi stepped in Shekhawat's mansion n their lips automatically curved in a smile seeing Pari roaming around the floor crawling n giggling n her nani running behind her.

"Awe Pari bachha...come to chachu." Parth said picking her from there and meanwhile Randhir and Sanyukta came to greet them.

"Pari give Parth chachu a kissie." Randhir said and Pari instantly press her tiny flower petel lips on Parth's cheek and everybody clapped for her.

"What was that?" Parth asked pleasantly.

"It's her new development.." Randhir said and took Pari from Parth's arm as she look at her father and open her arms.

"How are you Vidushi?" Sanyukta asked approching Vidushi who was looking a little heavier and healthier than ever.

"M good..n baby too." Vidushi replied happily.

Everybody sat on the dinner table n suddenly Parth said, "Randhir, there is something I wanted to inform you."

"Ha bolo."

"I feel there is a traitor in your company..I heard from my associate that someone gave him a proposal to reveal your new tender reports if we give him good price." Parth said.

"What??? Did he said the name?" Randhir was shocked.

"No..I tried finding out who it was but I couldn't..I thought I should inform you before he approach someone else and you lose the new deal." Parth said and Randhir-Sanyukta fell in deep thought.

"Who can it be?" Randhir murmured.

"We will find it out baby." Sanyukta said keeping a hand over his.

Tumharaa koi enemy hai kya Randhir?" Vidushi asked suddenly.

Randhir glared at Vidushi but Sanyukta said, "Good we have any enemy?"

"Obviously..we all businessman have enemies in this field but we don't even remember them coz we don't even know them." Randhir said looking at Sanyukta with a smile making Sanyukta shiver in fear.

Sanyukta kept silent but her mind couldn't leave the fact that there must be someone under their nose who is trying to harm her husband. Even though Randhir was also tensed he didn't want to think about it much as Sanyukta was already looking terrified. It's been hours that Parth n Vidushi left n Randhir had been playing with Pari on their bed n trying to keep Sanyukta smile...

"Pari..say daddy...da...d..dyyy." Randhir nudged Pari.

"She is not yet old enough to say anything Randhir." Sanyukta chipped.

"My baby is active..m sure she will be faster than other childs..haina mera bachha." Randhir said ticking pari n she giggled.

Soon Pari felt tired n dozed off in Randhir's arm. On the other side Sanyukta too fell asleep keeping her head on Randhir's shoulder.. Randhir smiled looking at his sleeping girls n closed his eyes with the promise to protect them from every harm.


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