Cheeky Challenges

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"Night," I reply, a few cocktails too many.

There's no doubt about it. I am definitely in love with Ella.


Ella P.O.V

My eyes flutter open. I can hear the faint murmurs of the new boys chatting on the poolside. Alex and Megan are sat talking opposite the firepit, whereas Frankie and Charlie are led out on inflatable watermelons in the water.

The bed is empty, as Dani and Georgia are sat eating bowls of cereal. Dean is behind the kitchen counter, whipping up some sort of concoction for his own breakfast.

Looking up at him, he looks extremely attractive in the mornings. With no shirt on, the 9 o'clock sun beams down on his tanned stomach, and his hair is ruffled as much as it can be. His tongue absentmindedly traces over his lips as he carefully cuts up his toast.

Grabbing his tray of food, he begins to walk over to the kitchen table. His eye catches mine, and I dart my head to look somewhere else.

"Can I sit?" A pause arises, but Dean cuts the silence. I turn back to see him stood with a plate of toast and chopped fruit in his hand.

I pat the bed beside me, and he sits up against the back frame. "So, how are you this morning?"

"Tired." I chuckle. His Yorkshire accent is so strong; I didn't think I'd come to like it. "So, where is your head at then?"

"With the girls?"


"I think ..." he looks over the villa. "Obviously I fancy you."

"And Megan?"

He pauses. He looks over to Megan and furrows his eyebrows. "I don't really know. She seems nice, but a little ... fake. Where do you stand though?"

"I mean, I think you're really nice," I blush.

"And Jack?"

"What about him?"

"What do you think of Jack?

I shrug. "He's a bit all-up-in-my-face for me."

After chatting to Dean for a while (and he feeds me a few of his grapes) I run up to the dressing room to get dressed.


"Yeah?" I call back to Samira whilst half way through putting my make-up on.

"Georgia has a text! Come on, we need to be outside!"

Samira and I hurry downstairs. My foundation is only half blended in, but the rush of receiving a text is too exciting that I couldn't care what I look like.

"Islanders!" She announces. "This afternoon you will go up against Casa Amor in a number of cheeky challenges. The villa that completes each challenge in the quickest time will receive a point. The villa that has the most points at the end will receive a party tonight! #OneNilDown #CasaDoMore."

At the start of the challenge ...

We all sit around on some beanbags laid on the turf, waiting for the first text to signal the start of the challenge. It's extremely hot out, and sweat glosses over my skin, so hopefully one of the challenges is to get in the pool.

The first beep signals the start of the challenge, and Georgia receives it.

"One boy must drink some water out of a girls belly-button. Go!"

How weird...

Georgia immediately tips some water from her water bottle onto her stomach, and Jordan sucks it out.

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