Making a Move on Megan

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My heart skips a beat. Jumping onto the seats, two boys are sat with their legs dangling into the pool. One has tanned skin, while the other is blonde and pale.

Oh crap, not more trouble.


Ella P.O.V

"Hey, I'm Ella." I hug one of the new boys, the paler one.

"Charlie." He nods.

After all of the girls and guys have been introduced to Josh and Charlie, we all sit around getting to know the two. I'm not really sure what Josh does - he's definitely a mysterious character - but Charlie is a model ... I didn't expect anything else.

"Oh my god!" Niall gasps, "you alright?"

I turn my head to look at where Niall is facing. Strutting down the stairs is another girl, making the population of the villa 15.

Are you kidding? Another one?

"Hey!" She exclaims. "I'm Megan." She introduces, hugging her way around the boys. "You are?"

"Ella." I nod. "Lovely to meet you."

Her hair is blonde and curled to her shoulders. She has blue bright eyes and plump red lips. Dressed in a pink all in one with lace across the chest, her figure is stunning.

"Hey, I'm Alex." Alex introduces himself and offers her a seat. As she sits, Alex crouches down to whisper in my ear - "don't worry, she's nowhere near as beautiful as you."

Ok, I feel better now ...

After a few introductions, Megan, Georgia and I head to one of the daybeds. "So how long have you been single for? What's your type?"

"I've been single for 2 years," Megan tells us. "And who do I think is attractive? Maybe, Alex, he seems really nice. And Eyal too."

My back tenses up at the sound of his name. Looking up at Megan through my sunglasses, she is really gorgeous. And she is Alex's type ...

"Oh!" She calls. "I've got a text!"

"Megan, Charlie and Josh. It's time to play the field. You will pick three Islanders of your choice to go on a date with. Please ask out your first date. #TripleThreat #KeepingOptionsOpen."

Charlie announces he's taking Samira, Josh announces he's taking Laura - a very dangerous move - and Megan ..."

"I'm going to take ... Niall."


A while later ...

Time for the third dates ...

"Alex," Eyal calls. "Megan would like to see you."

My heart collapses in my chest. She could pick any of the boys ... why mine?

Following Alex into the bedroom, he pulls his socks on and throws on a new t-shirt. "Ella?"

"Yeah." I stutter.

Alex moves over to me, and leans down, placing a kiss gently on my lips. It's tender, soft and passionate all at once. Placing a hand under his chin, a sudden cough causes me to dart away from him.

"Hey, guys."

"Adam," I raise an eyebrow. "Hey!"

"Can I have a word?"

As Alex leaves for his date, I follow Adam outside. "So," he frowns. "You and Alex seem closer."

"I know." I nod. "And honestly, I'm so sorry that you had to see that."

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