*Hideaway Hook-Up*

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The bed is covered in a burgundy sheet with red rose petals. There are two glasses of champagne too, and prior to the occasion, I slipped on a teddy bear suit under my shorts and crop top. Craftily, there's also a bowl full of condoms on the side table.

Maybe things will happen with Alex tonight ... I mean, you never know?


Ella P.O.V

"Alex!" I exclaim as he picks me up in his arms, with his hands under my legs and my torso held in his other arm. "Oh my god!"

Alex gently lays me on the bed, allowing my head to rest on the pillow. Crawling between my legs, Alex places his arms beside my head and positions himself on top of my body, putting feather-light kisses on my lips.

Letting out a small chuckle, Alex detaches himself and flops down beside me. "Come on Ell, let's get some sleep?"

"Sure thing, doctor."

I climb from the bedsheet and walk around into the small bathroom that is attached to the hideaway. It's just a regular toilet, and I throw off my evening wear to reveal my teddy-suit.

"How nice is this bed?" A sound of a springing mattress echoes through the door.

"You're such a child, bouncing on the bed."

"Just testing it out."

I slide the door open and take a step into the bedroom. Trotting in in my teddy bear suit, it's black and lacy.

Alex lays his eyes on me, and his eyes widen. A sudden smirk paints across his cheeks, and he stands.

"You look incredible, Ella."

"Are you just going to tell me?" I question. "Or show me?"

Alex strides over, placing a hand on my bare waist. My eyes follow his body, and I place a hand on his shirt.

We kiss for a while. Stood up, we kiss lightly and longingly. Alex all of a sudden hoists me up, and my legs wrap around his waist.

I'm completely lost in his cute little kisses, and it isn't until my back hits the sheets I realise that we're led down on the bed. Alex's hands play underneath the top strap of my outfit.

I fumble with the hem of the bottom of his shirt, and a gentle tug causes him to strip it off. Replacing himself above me, Alex detaches himself from my lips, and pulls down the straps from my shoulders.

His eyes are full of need and lust, but caution, like he doesn't want to hurt me. "Are you sure?"

"I want you, Alex."

It isn't long until we've both tucked ourselves under the covers, and Alex has tossed away his shorts to leave him in just his underwear. Alex diverts to my neck, gently placing kisses down my collar. His fingers finally pull down the first half of my outfit, exposing my top half to his disposal.

"You're so beautiful." He murmurs between kisses that trail down my chest. "But Ella, we don't have to?"

I reconnect our lips immediately, and my hands trace the crevices in his abs. "No, it's time, Al."

My hands reach down to the fabric of his boxers. Taking a gentle tug, one of Alex's hands pull down the hem, and I use my own hands to manoeuvre the boxers from his legs, leaving him naked above me.

Alex strips me of the rest of my clothes and chucks them onto the floor. He leaves us both skin to skin. The heat radiates from my skin to his, and every touch of his hands and legs causes me to fall for him even harder.

Alex reaches an arm out to the bedside table, and takes a foil wrapper. Removing the contents, he prepares himself.

Alex shuffles above me, arching his own back and placing both of his hands on my waist. "Are you ready?" He adjusts himself.

"Just go slow." I nod, using my hand to pull myself back into his body.

Alex reassures me, indulging myself in kisses. A slight movement causes me to inhale a sharp breath, from pain and pleasure all at once.

"It's okay," my partner whispers into my ear. "It's normal, just trust me."

As he starts to move, our bodies merge with each other, and the pain is diminished by the overwhelming pleasure.

After what seems like only moments, I'm completely lost in him. Our skin drags across each other and his hands explore every crevice.

"Ella." Alex grunts, increasing the movement. "Come on, babe."

Our bodies are covered in a layer of sweat, and it causes Alex's chest to glisten. Even in the dark, I can tell he's extremely attractive.

And the night carries on, until we both find our times, and finally fall asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning ...

I open my eyes slowly to realise I'm still wrapped in the arms of Alex. He's fast asleep, and his lips are slightly pouted.

I wait for him to awake. "Good morning, Ell," Alex reaches a hand around and pulls me into his chest, hugging me tightly.

A sudden banging on the door shocks us both. Alex holds me tight in his grip as the banging gets even more aggressive.

"Ella! Alex!" Georgia shouts. "Come on! It's 10:30!"

"We slept in," Alex chuckles, pulling the sheets off of his body. "Here, take my shirt." Alex slips his shorts on, and I settle for the underwear I brought and Alex's shirt. It covers just to the middle of my thighs, and the smell of his cologne is one of the most comforting smells.

We grab our things, make the bed, and leave the hideaway.

Opening the door, the lounge is packed with all of the islanders who are spread across the sofa. They all start to applaud and cheer when we walk out hand in hand. "Alright, mum and dad!" Jack cheers. "So, how was you're night? Any cheeky business?"

I blush red like a tomato, and the whole villa - especially the boys - throw applaud and cheers around again. "Well done Al, didn't think you had it in you!"


Hey everyone! So tonight's episode will be up at around 1:30 pm tomorrow because I sit my last GCSE exam and then leave for an 11-week summer! So excited to write more of this book! Xxx

This chapter isn't as in depth, but I've got lots to do for tomorrow xxx

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