Truth or Dare

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Samira and I are tied again with Kendall falling behind. I manage to slide the key into Adam's handcuffs and unlock Adam's hands. He jumps up, and before I can do anything, Adam pulls me into his body and kisses me.

He's passionate and a little rougher then when Alex kisses me, buts it's different. I pull away before he can catch me in his magical kiss, and everyone applauds.

But all I can feel is Alex's jealous glare.


Ella P.O.V

It isn't long until we've all changed, washed the slime off, and made our way back to the villa garden. Alex has stuck by my side the entire time. Adam, on the other hand, has been holding back from Alex - I'm pretty sure they aren't on speaking terms.

Flopping down on a beanbag beside Alex, the girls rush over with their water bottles and propose a game of truth or dare. A few minutes after, we're all led on the grass and sat down in a circle getting ready to play the game. It's so hot out, so I'm sat out in a white 'Mylene Klass' style bikini.

Wes asks a question first. "Niall, truth or dare."


"What's the most public place you've had sex?"

Niall laughs. "Like, I ain't a public kind of guy. I quite like to have a cup of tea afterwards!"

What? Everyone bursts into little fits of giggles at his response. He stands with a defensive look, but he just ends up blushing. Niall asks Laura, "Anyway, truth or dare?"

"Truth." She answers.

"Who do you think is the prettiest girl in the villa?"

"You can't ask that!" Laura gasps. "Ugh, maybe Jack?"

"Hey!" Jack frowns. "Ok, Alex, truth or dare?"

"Truth." My partner answers.

"If you could have a threesome with any two girls in this villa, who would it be?"

"Easy, Ella ... and Rosie."

Rosie and I shoot each other a look and burst into hysterical giggles. "Oh my gosh!" I gasp. "Ok, Rosie, you can ask the next one."

"Um, Kendall, truth or dare?"


"Kiss the girl who you find the most attractive."

To my surprise, Kendall jumps up. I definitely thought that she would be a little more reserved, but she struts over to Dani and leans down. "Oh my god!" Dani gasps, holding her face. "Ok, quickly. One, two, three!"

They share a quick peck and all the boys burst into a meltdown of hysterical laughter. Cheering and what not, the game resumes soon enough.

"Jack, truth or dare?"


"What's the most number of times that you've had sex in one day?"

"Oh god, maybe nine?"

"Nine!" I gasp, my mouth open. "Not with 9 different girls?"

"Na!" He justifies. Jack then continues, "Eyal, truth or dare?"


"If there was a recoupling tomorrow, who would you couple up with? Kiss them."

Eyal rises up out of his seat and starts walking over towards Hayley and Kendall. Hayley's eyes hit the ground, but Eyal crouches down beside Kendall and kisses her softly.

"What!" Jack gasps, laughing when Eyal jumps back onto his bean bag. "I did not see that coming whatsoever."

Eyal is next to ask. "Rosie, truth or dare?"


"Kiss the boy that you fancy the most in the villa."

I shut my eyes. I think it's Alex. Why wouldn't it be Alex?

But Rosie doesn't walk to Alex. She walks past Alex and crouches down, giving Adam a peck on the lips. Everyone but Alex, Adam, Kendall and I cheer - I just breathe a breath of relief. Kendall seems pretty bothered, even though she tries not to look it, so I shoot Rosie a glare under my aviator sunglasses.

"Ella," Adam smirks cheekily, taking a sip from his water bottle. "Truth or dare?"

I'm not kissing anyone. "Truth."

"If you could sleep with any guy in this villa at the moment, who would you pick?"

The boys cheer, Jack shouting stupid expressions such as 'V-Card' and 'shagging'. Wes exclaims, "come on mate, that's such an easy one!"

"It would have to be Alex." I nod, looking beside me to see Alex, who has the cutest of little grins on his lips. He takes a hand and gestures, "Come here."

Alex leans over his beanbag and presses a soft and gentle kiss on my lips. All the girls coo whilst the guys just do that thing that guys do. He pulls away from my lips and whispers in my ear ' you look amazing in that bikini'.

Oh my gosh ...

I regain my composure and try to completely ignore the fact I'm as pink as a peach in the face. "Right ... Adam. Truth or dare?"

"Dare." His face is a little put-off and annoyed, like something has really put him up the wrong way.

"Kiss the girl who you would couple up with at the next recoupling."

There are cheers from all the boys, but all the girls sit there tensely. Rosie is sat with a cheeky smirk, Georgia doesn't seem too bothered, and Kendall looks extremely uncomfortable.

The reason I asked is because I actually don't know who he'd couple up with, plus I wouldn't really mind if he kissed me. Adam is definitely one of those people who keeps his cards close to his chest. He stands and walks over beside Alex and me.

"Sorry mate," Adam nods to Alex, putting on the slyest of smirks. Leaning down, Adam's head dives towards me and he crashes his lips onto my own. Out erupts the biggest cheer and unison of screams, but all I can focus on is Adam's lips moving over my own.

His hand rests on my jaw, and he doesn't stop. It must have been four or five seconds now, and as weird as it is, I don't really want to stop. His tongue slips across my lips, and I pull away immediately. There's not a chance he's pulling that move out now.

All the girls have their mouths dropped open. Alex's face is one mixed with hurt and fury. Adam's ... well, he just looks proud, like he's claimed me from Alex or something.

Adam sits back down, and the game resumes, but I can't focus on anything.

Not after Adam's kiss.


There will be another update tonight as usual! Xx

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