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One is brunette and tall, and Adam's arm is wrapped around her shoulder. Another is blonde and a little shorter but still incredibly beautiful. She's standing beside Alex and Wes, and she's leaning into them both.

"Girls," I demand. "Come on. Let's get back to that villa, ASAP."


Ella P.O.V

"Hey boys!" Samira and I shout whilst strutting back into the villa garden. The boys are all spread out, but the main focus is Jack, Wes and Adam, who are huddled around the fire pit.

Beside them are the two new girls. They look exactly the same as they did in the selfie.

"I'm Zara." The brunette mildly introduces herself. She's orbiting around Adam like some force field, which is a little suspicious, but I don't ask why.

"I'm Ellie!"

"Ella," I reply.

"We have, like, the same name!"

Well, she's obviously not as smart as she is pretty.

I immediately split from the two new girls and walk over to Alex. "Hey, babe."

"Hey, beautiful," I kiss his tender lips and lay down beside Jack and him. "What do you think of the two new girls then?"

"Well, what do you think of them?"

"Don't test me," Alex frowns. "I mean they're nice. Ellie seems sweet. She is a lot like you actually."

"Like me? In what respect?"

"I don't know, like, kind and nice, intelligent."


I feel a pang of jealousy run through my veins like ice-cold snow. "But don't worry Ell, nothing will happen."

"Do you fancy her?"

"I hardly know her." Alex grunts. He registers the concerned look on my face and kisses my cheek. "You don't need to worry, Ella."

The next morning ...

"Alex and Ellie have been friendly this morning," Dani whispers to me whilst combing my knotted bed-hair. "Have you spoken to Alex?"

"Not since last night."

"I mean, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about, but just be careful. You never know what can happen in this place."

I throw on a gold sequin covered costume that is a sexy and classy all-in-one. "Have you seen how Zara is cracking on with Adam?"

"No!" Dani gasps, combing her own hair through. "When?"

"Like last night and stuff. I swear, it was so hard to see Kendall leave, but if Adam breaks Rosie's heart, then I will murder him."

"That is so muggy!"

Dani and I head outside towards the pool, whereby no surprise, Alex and Ellie are sprawled across a daybed, having a chat and guilty giggle.

"Morning." I interrupt tactically, flopping down next to Alex on the bed. Their conversation dulls.

"Morning sleepy head." Alex grins, but it's only a half grin. "How did you sleep?"

"Really well, thanks. It's always nice falling asleep next to you, babe."

Ellie looks uncomfortable ... good.

Suddenly a phone beeps, and it's from Ellie's phone. "I've got a text!" She exclaims in a voice that has come to be quite annoying.

"Ellie, tonight you will go on three dinner dates with three boys of your choice. The first boy will make the starter, the second boy will make the main, and the final boy will make dessert. Please now pick the three boys you would like to date. #PlayTheField #StirThePot."

"Ok ..." she ponders. All of the boys' eyes have laid on her. "I'll pick ... Josh for starters, Wes for mains, and ... Alex for dessert."

Oh no she didn't!

Alex's small smirk widens to a grin. "Ok," he obliges.

With that, I jump up from the bed and strut down towards Dani and Jack. They seem to be the only secure couple now, considering all of the boys seem to be cracking on with other people.

"How are you feeling?" Jack asks me, gesturing back towards Ellie and Alex.

"Fine." I lie.

Zara, not long after, receives the exact same text.

"Ok, for starters, I'll pick Alex."

Seriously ... they have nothing in common.

"And then Eyal for mains,"

At least that'll annoy Megan.

"And Adam for dessert."

Not a shocker.

That night ...

"You look handsome." I compliment my partner, who is fixing his hair up for his date with Ellie. "How are you feeling for your two dates?"

He pauses. It's like he knows the answer, but is trying to filter out the parts that I don't want to hear. "I'm feeling alright. But I want you to know Ella, that nothing will happen between Ellie and me, or Zara and I. You don't have to get jealous or upset."

My heart warms up from his words. Since the girls (expect Zara and Ellie) all have a night off, we've decided to have a little gossip session in the lounge in our PJ's.

"Well, don't have too much fun." I tease, kissing Alex longingly and passionately. "I think I'll just enjoy my night with the girls."

"Well have fun."

It isn't long until Alex and Josh cook their starters, have their dates, and then come and join the girls and me in the lounge.

"How was it, Al?" Rosie asks intensively. "How are you and Zara?"

My heart pounds.

"It was alright. She's interesting, but I think she's into other people. She isn't for me, that's all."

And my heart slows down again.

Eyal and Wes have their dates with the girls, and it finally comes to dessert.

"Right, have fun, but not too much fun," I repeat to Alex. He's wearing a floral shirt with a black jacket. His hair is quiffed, and Samira has coated his sun-tanned face with some translucent powder. "Don't miss me too much."

"I'll try." Alex smiles cutely.

After a longing kiss, Adam and Alex head to the kitchen.

"I wish I got that reassurance from Adam." Rosie moans. "He hasn't said a word to me today."

"He does care about you, Rosie," Georgia tells, wrapping her in a tight hug. "I promise."

The night drags on. I don't know how long Alex has been on his date for, but I really miss him.

When you spend every second of your time with one person, and then all of a sudden, they're on a date with another girl ... and they might have crushes on each other ...

It definitely is not a nice thought.


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