New Boy & Drunken Loving

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"Good." Alex breathes, standing up. His hair is slicked back and styled, his clothes make him look extremely dapper; in full honesty, I wouldn't mind ripping his clothes off.

Alex whispers seductively, "because I want you so bad Ella. I don't think I can fight the temptation much longer."


Ella P.O.V

The next morning ...

"So, have you done anything with Alex? Other than the hideaway stuff?" Georgia winks. "I've heard that Wes is recruiting people for the 'Do-Bits Society' if you're interested?"

"The what?" I chuckle. "But no. I think it's because we're in a communal bedroom."

"Yeah, when one person has sex, it'll be like a domino effect." Rosie chuckles. "Has he told you that he wants to do stuff? You know, like dirty talk?"

Ohhh yes!

"Alex wants to." I reminisce on last nights chit-chat. "Especially after the challenge and stuff."

It is hard to hold back from sexual temptations, but the cameras and cameramen really make people unsure. "I'd rather my sex not be broadcasted to the world."

"Apparently Megan and Eyal have done it." Rosie lifts her sunglasses.

Georgia gasps. "Well, they kept that quiet then!"

Suddenly a phone beeps. "I've got a text!" Megan shrieks. "Megan and Eyal, today you will be going on your first date! Please get ready to leave the villa! #WineAndDine #TasteTesting!"

I know things have been on the rocks lately with Megan and I. Maybe ... Maybe it's time to wave a white flag.

I follow behind Megan up to the dressing room. "Meg?" I ask. "Can we have a chat?"

"Sure Ell." She smiles a genuine white smile. Megan takes a seat on the bench and brushes through her luscious locks with a huge hairbrush. "So, what's up?"

"I just wanted to clear things up. I mean, I know with the whole Alex and the hideaway thing, things got a bit tense. And now you're with Eyal, I think we just need to clear the air."

"Yeah, like I totally agree. If I've been off with you or anything, I am really sorry."

"Me too, Meg. Come here." I embrace Megan in a hug. "And I hope you have an amazing time on your date too. You deserve to have a great time."

After Megan's and Eyal's date ...

"How amazing would it be if another guy came in?" Samira groans. I'm currently led my head on Samira's stomach as we're both sprawled across the daybed.

As on cue, a phone beeps. "Text!" Samira exclaims. All of a sudden, Samira's whole body vibrates as she lets out a gigantic bellowing scream.

"What!" I gasp.

"Islanders! Tonight, a new boy will enter the villa, and you will host a welcome party!" She shrieks. "Jesus heard my prayers!"

All of the girls jump to their feet. "Oh my god Sam!" I exclaim, encasing her in such a forceful hug that we both fall over. "You so need to couple up with him!"

"Come on, let's go get ready."

Samira and I rush to the dressing room. The sun is falling over the ocean, so it won't be long until he arrives. I throw on my own bikini and ruffle my hair. Its a two piece blue and white vibrant illusion-patterned swimsuit.

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