The Beginning Of Casa Amor

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I look up properly, and Adam isn't in his bed either. Neither is Jack, or Sam, or Wes, or Josh.

"Maybe their outside?" Samira proposes. In unison, Megan barges through from the lounge.

"I've just checked everywhere! The boys have left the villa!"


Ella P.O.V

Dani runs up to my bedside and pulls me up to my feet. We all pile out onto the balcony, and scanning across the turf petalled with evergreen trees, there isn't an Islander in sight.

"Where do you think they are?"

"I don't know!" Georgia exclaims.

We all pile outside, and Ellie begins to cook breakfast, as she is the only one of us that couldn't be bothered where the boys are.

"I think they've gone to a new villa with new girls," Dani suggests. "Oh no!"

The thought of Alex with a new girl is devastating. I really don't think that he'd get with another girl, but I wouldn't want to test it -

"Hello, Islanders!"

I look up to the voice. Stood there is a woman, slim and as gorgeous as yesterday. Her playsuit is red, her hair is up in a ponytail, and she looks like a petite catwalk model. "I bet you didn't expect to see me again!"

Caroline tells us to gather around the fire pit.

"Ella," I place down my water bottle and turn to Caroline. "How are you feeling right now?"

I scoff. "Confused. Where have our boys gone?"

"Well, I'm about to tell you." She smiles. "The boys have been sent on a lads holiday to a villa called Casa Amor. They will be gone for a few days, and joining them, will be six new female Islanders."

My heart drops out of my chest and splatters on the decking. I know how easy Alex falls in and out of love.

"But of course, that means that for the next few days, you will be joined by six new boys!"

To this information, Ellie and Megan launch up from their seats, dancing and prancing like little girls. Samira sits with her arms crossed, but I can detect a tiny smirk.

Georgia, Dani and I? We're all sat with our heads in our hands, panicking and despising the information.

"Shall we meet the new boys?"


No ...

Out strut six masculine figures. They're all different in their own little ways. One is small, blonde and has fewer abs than the two men next to him: they're both tall, brunette, and have six packs that look like Lego bricks.

One of the boys is a little smaller and skinnier, with his hair short shaven and black. He shoots a genuine smile at me. The fifth boy is tall, hunky, and his glasses frame his bright green eyes. The final boy is tall again. His hair is styled up into a quiff, and his glistening and cheeky smile catches me off guard a little.

In order, Caroline says, "Girls. This is Charlie, Frankie, Jordan, Dean, Alex, and Jack."

"How are you doing ladies?" Jack, the very end boy, asks. His glance sticks to me like glue.


"Now girls, I shall leave you to get to know the boys. Have fun, and boys, enjoy your time on Love Island."

As soon as Caroline leaves, the boys step forward to introduce themselves. Jack is the first boy to reach me, and in an accent, he says-

"Hey Ell, I'm Jack."

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