Trouble In Paradise & Getting Dumped?

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I scream as Adam flips the lilo, sending my body deep into the pool water. My body is officially soaked from head to toe, but I would expect no less from Adam.

"You dick!" I squeal. "Now I've gotta wash my hair!" I splash a gush of water over his gelled quiff, letting it fall down and cover his face like a wet dog.


Ella P.O.V

"Heyyyyyyy guys!"

I open my eyes again, peering over to the kitchen where Georgia's recognisable call echoes from. "Look who I've found!"

The boy walking back into the villa is a tall tanned lad, with a brown quiff and prominent 6 pack. His eyes are green and bright, his smile large and teethy like a little terrier.

"Hey, Jack." Samira waves, running up to encase him in a hug.

The boy I had to plant twenty lipstick kisses on.
The boy who was all-up-in-my-face in Casa Amor.

Jack Fowler.

I make an attempt to paddle my way to the side of the pool, soaking the bottom half of my legs as I get to the stepladder. I clamber up the metal steps, dry myself off with a navy towel, and walk to welcome Jack.

"Ella!" He smiles, a little too keenly. "It's nice to see you."

I plant a fake smile on my cheeks. "And you Jack." He kisses my cheek tenderly. "So how was your date?"

"It was alright, thanks." He smiles. "Maybe we can have catchup later?"

Oh lush. "Um ... sure." I smile, breathing through my teeth. "I'm just gonna get some lunch, so excuse me."

I'm only prepping my cheese toastie with Alex by my side, until the next couple reenters the villa. "Hey everyone!" Wes calls in his cute little voice.

He walks in, strutting his stuff in his black top and white jeans. On his arm is a completely new girl in a short white dress. Her tan is already topped up, god knows how's she's done it as it definitely isn't a spray tan.

Hair is long and blonde, trailing down to her waist. Her freckles are prominent across both cheeks, blue eyes shining with silver highlights. She looks a little older than the rest of us girls, but I know that Wes loves maturity.

"Hey, I'm Ella." I introduce, reaching out to pull her slim figure in for a hug. "You're so pretty!"

"Awh, thanks love." She smiles. "I'm Laura." I can't help but notice the infectious laugh that accompanies a thin Scottish accent. "Shall we go and get a drink? I wanna chat to all the girlies."

I hook my arm into Laura's and lead her to the fire pit, eyeing over Dani and Samira. "Girl chat! Come on!"

Georgia, like a little sheepdog, herds up the rest of the girls, getting all ten of us around the pit. "Hey, Laura." Georgia jogs over to hug her. "I'm literally so excited babe."

We all get chatting to Laura and start to do the run-round of who's with who. Some of the couples she already knows, like Alex and I, Jack and Dani, and Samira and Frankie.

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