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Alex's hand moves to my lap, and it lays on my hand. His head dives for my ear and he whispers a subtle - "I don't want to lose you."

"But the girl I'd like to couple up with is ..."


Ella P.O.V


... What!

There's complete silence, and all I hear is a breath of relief from Alex. That was the last girl I thought would be picked, so there's definitely some tension in the air. Especially with Niall ... he isn't a happy chap.

There's a buzz from Niall's phone. "Niall, you are now single. There will be another recoupling at the end of the week, and the boy left single will leave the island. #MuggledOff."

There's another silence, and looking to Niall - his eyes are full of envy. But suddenly, Kendall's phone buzzes.

"Kendall, you and Adam are going on a date. Please get ready to leave the villa immediately." She reads. "Already?"

Standing up to join the girls, I can't help but feel a little jealous. Alex is amazing, but Adam is extremely good looking. As Kendall and Adam get ready, I have a quick chat with Niall.

"How are you feeling Niall?" I chuckle, trying to break the awkwardness.

"Mugged off innit. I mean, you can't trust a guy with a 15 pack can you?" He complains. "But Kendall and I seem fine."

"Listen, it's just a date. It's not going to change Kendall's opinion on you, and you never know. It might just go back to normal afterwards."

After around 20 minutes, Kendall and Adam are ready to leave on their date. Kendall looks stunning, and Adam is just radiating with attractiveness.

"Have a great time guys!" I cheer, giving Kendall a quick hug good luck. "I want her home by 10."

"I will do." Adam laughs. "See you all later!"

After a while ...

"We're back!" A high and soft voice calls. Looking up from the bed (that looks over the infinity pool), Kendall and Adam are walking down into the villa.

I quickly jump up from beside Alex and rush over. "Gossip, come on." I gesture, grabbing Kendall by the hand.

Taking Kendall over to the fire pit, Niall begins to follow. "Let's go over there." She gestures, tugging Hayley and me to a seat beside the kitchen.

"So," I start. "How was the date?"

"... Amazing." She sighs. "Like so much better than I thought it would be."

"So where is your head at then hun?" Hayley asks. "Niall or Adam?"

"So this is how I see it. Niall and I, we have so much chemistry and are so close, and he's very good looking. Adam, he looks amazing and seems so cute, but it's like it's too good to be true."

After a while of talking about the date, Kendall and Niall go for a chat, and I head on inside to take my makeup off after a long second night.

I'm not really missing home, but I do wonder what the public think of me. What they think of me and Alex.

Taking a makeup wipe, I remove the left side of my makeup and then the right, looking over the foundation on the wipe. A sudden sound of a heavy breath causes me to turn around.

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