Finally in The Hideaway

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Suddenly a phone beeps. "Text!" Adam announces.

"Islanders, tonight there will be a recoupling in which the girls will choose the boy they want to couple up with. #PickAndMix #ChangingPlaces."


Ella P.O.V

At the recoupling ...

"I want to couple up with this boy because, not only is he extremely good looking - especially in that T-shirt, he makes me smile all the time and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us both." Dani is the first to speak to the line of boys in front of us. "So the boy I want to couple up with is ... Jack."

The same applies for Wes and Samira on a friend's basis, and Georgia and Josh on a more-than-friends- basis. Hayley's phone is the next to beep as she stands up.

"I want to couple up with this boy, because he seems really fun and genuine. He's cheeky, and getting to know him more, I feel we might just be right for each other." Hayley says. "... Charlie!"

Awh, I like those too. And Charlie is good looking - they make a gorgeous couple!

Megan is the next to stand. I know she's had a few conversations with Eyal and Alex, but maybe she'll pick differently. I know Alex kissed Megan too, but hopefully, she knows he's my favourite.

"Ok, I want to couple up with this boy because he seems to be a really nice and genuine person. We shared a kiss on our date, and I felt something there, but I don't know if he did or not. Either way, I want to couple up with him and get to know him better."

My stomach flips. My heart stops. Megan kissed Alex. Megan is coupling with Alex. She hasn't kissed anyone else I don't think?

"So the boy I want to couple up with is ..."


Thank god for that.

Eyal rushes over to Megan and places a kiss on her cheek. Next, my phone beeps, and I take a stand, already confident about who I want to pick. It's between Adam and Alex.

"I want to couple up with this boy because, we've had a few little ups and downs, but we've got over them so easily. He's a gentleman, extremely attractive, and I can't wait to share a bed with him again. So the boy I want to couple up with is ..."

Alex shoots me a grin, and bites down subtly on his lip. "Alex!"

Alex strides over, surrounded by applause and kisses me shortly.

The final two are Rosie and Adam. Ok, things may be tense here.

"I want to couple up with this boy, because he's the only one left!"


"Adam," Rosie announces. Adam cautiously approaches her; I guess after the confrontation last night, Adam is holding up his shield.

A few hours later ...

"Goodnight everyone!" Charlie whoops, snuggling into Hayley's chest who's in the bed beside us.

"Goodnight!" I call back, snuggling under the covers.

I look up at Alex, who's staring back at me. His baby blue eyes are magnetised to my own, and his looks are reflected under his scruffy bed-hair. "It's so nice to have you back from Adam."

"It's nice to be back with you." I grin. A hand rests on my hip, and Alex pulls me into his chest. "And for the whole Megan-and-you-kissing-thing ... I forgive you."

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