Turn-offs & Dirty Quizzes

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Looking over, Dani has her hair tied up in a top knot and her makeup is painted on flawlessly. A majestic smile is plastered across her cheeks. "Hey!" I call. "Why are you so happy?"

"Jack just asked me to be his girlfriend!"


Ella P.O.V

Excitement flows through my body like cold water through a river. A buzz electrocutes my muscles, and I use them to rush up from my seat and attack Dani with the tightest hug.

"Congrats!" I beam, shaking her. "Oh my God! You have a boyfriend!"

"I do." Dani chuckles. Her dimples are on full show, her cheeks are inflated and her face is pink from blushing. "Calm down Ell, you're more excited than me!"

"I've been waiting for this day." I screech.

"You've only known us 3 weeks babe." She laughs. "Come on, let's head inside."

Once we're all tucked up in bed, my body starts to warm up under the covers. I'm only dressed in some black fabric shorts and a small crop top to sleep in.

"Can you believe Dani and Jack are together?" I smile at Alex, whose arms are wrapped around me and his eyes are closed. "They're so cute."

"They are," Alex mumbles, half asleep. Even though the lights are out and the noise of moaning and sex and kissing echoes through the room, it's pretty clear that Alex is tired and doesn't want to join them.

"Goodnight babe." I peck his cheek.

"Goodnight, love."

The next morning...

Whilst tucking into a bowl of cereal, our mics have been taken away for a battery change. Not having a black thread around my neck or weight on my waist is very unusual.

I scan over the villa to see Sami and Sam cracking on, flirting and touching. It's definitely cute to see them together, and I'm glad that she's found, someone.

Wes has been breaking the bond between Eyal and Megan. They're definitely not on the best terms at the moment.

My thoughts are blurred by the three-note jingle that plays when someone receives a text. Picking up my own phone, I inhale deeply when seeing it's my phone. "Text!"

"Islanders, it's time to see how much you really know about your partners as you quiz each other. #WhenYouKnowYouKnow #QuizTime"

We all gather around the fire pit and Dani and Jack are the allocated score masters. They stand in front of a blackboard. All of our names have been painted across the board: 'Ella and Alex' is second to top.

Dani and Jack will ask questions, and we have to write the answers on our cute heart-shaped boards.

"Okay Ladies," Dani announces. "Where is your partner from?"

I know it immediately. Alex's Welsh heritage is a common conversation topic. "Ella, what did you write down."

"Carmarthen, Wales?"

Alex turns his board around to match my answer. On his face is a cheeky smirk that's directed at me.

Everyone scores the point except for Sam and Samira, as Samira put 'Stratford' and not 'Roehampton' (wherever that is).

"Okay girls, if your boy could couple up with any other person, who would it be?"

I contemplate on the answer. I've always had a special bond with Alex, but I have to pick the only other girl that he's kissed.

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