Cuddles & Kisses

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I try to believe Kendall. But watching the boy you've gotten close to walk out of the villa with a different girl...

It's heart-breaking.


Ella P.O.V

"How do you reckon Niall and Georgia are doing?" I ask Kendall, cleaning myself up in the bathroom.

"I hope they're having fun." Kendall shrugs, dying her eyelashes with a toothbrush. "Um, Adam and I - I'm not sure where we stand at the moment."


"I had a chat with him earlier, and just said that I'm not used to the whole relationship thing." Kendall croaks up, wiping a tear discreetly. "I'm just not used to the attention, and everything is happening so fast -"

"Awh, come here Ken." I comfort. Taking Kendall in a hug, "the guys like you because you're so amazing. Give it a few days, and everything will settle down."

"Thanks, Ella." Kendall gains her composure - I wish I looked that good when I cry. "It can't be long now until the guys get back."

Alex P.O.V

"You look beautiful tonight," I tell Rosie as she takes a sip of her champagne. And she does. In a lovely white dress, similar to the one Ella was wearing, her hazel eyes are significantly different to Ella's blue ones.

"Thank you. You don't brush up bad yourself."

After just some general chat, finding out Rosie's love for clubbing and golf, she brings up - "so where do you stand with the girls at the moment?"

"What do you mean?"

"Are you with anyone?"

"Oh." I nod. "Not officially, but Ella and I are really close. We're coupled up and I would like to see where things go and stuff. She's a really nice girl." I admit honestly. I am starting to fall for Ella - and I'm falling hard - but I don't want to let my guard down in the first 72 hours.

"So you'd be annoyed if I picked you at a recoupling?"

"Um ... " I stutter. "Well ... no. But I wouldn't want to make Ella vulnerable. I'd be devastated to see her go."

Rosie places her glass on the table and flicks her hair over her shoulder. Rosie is more my type than Ella, but Ella seems a little more genuine.

"I don't think Ella would be vulnerable if you coupled up with someone else."

"Why do you say that?"

"From what I've seen from the outside, which was literally the first 24 hours, Adam seemed pretty keen on Ella."

Ella P.O.V

"Adam!" I exclaim as he rushes towards me and picks me up in a fireman's hold. "Please, stop!"

"Fine." He laughs, placing me down on the daybed and falling down beside me. Adam rolls over and lays his arm around my middle like we would be spooning, but I'd be facing him.

"Adam!" I laugh, moving it off. "Get your paws off of me!"

"Can I not have a hug?"

"No ... " I drag. Rapidly, Adam's arms clutches my waist and pulls me into his chest. I try and escape, but his strength is way too strong to overcome.

"I like your hugs, Ella." He whispers huskily into my ear. There's silence except for the murmur of Dani and Eyal in the kitchen. I settle down in Adam's grip. His chest presses up against my own, and his arms around my middle are cosy and reassuring.

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