The Recoupling

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"Alex is getting some! Go on Al!" Wes cheers. As all of the girls bundle in, they all begin to applaud.

Obviously, the sheets are over them, but it's pretty obvious that Alex is on top of Ella, finally getting rid of his 'blue balls'.

"Finally!" Wes tops off the night. "We have a chairman of the 'Do-Bits Society!"


Ella P.O.V

The next morning ...

My head is banging like a drum. I've been dragged outside into the blaring sun, and I'm sitting on a beanbag with Megan and Rosie.

I made things up with Adam this morning. You know, hugged it out?" Rosie tells us.

"That's good." I smile. "Did he apologise?"

"Yeah, and I didn't think he would to be honest. It was good of him. I'm glad we're on nicer terms."

"Do you reckon you'll get friendly with Zara now?" Every thought I process and every word I say makes my head pound harder.

"No," Rosie exclaims. "Not a chance!"

A tap on my shoulder causes me to look upwards. My handsome Alex is stood with a glass of water in his hand. "Here, drink this. There's some aspirin if the headache gets worse."

"Benefits of dating a doctor." Megan chuckles, watching as he cutely pecks my cheek. "But anyway, I have something to admit."


"I ... I um ... Eyal and I-" Megan stutters, blushing like a school girl.

"You had sex!" I assume, talking a little louder than I should have. "Shut up!"

"You're the one talking loud! You shut up!"

Alex drags a bean bag to the side of me and sits down. My hand redirects to his knee. "But what about you two? I heard you got things on?" Megan teases, clapping her hands. "What happened?"

"I got drunk." I laugh, tipping my body weight onto Alex's chest. Suddenly, my phone beeps.

"Text!" I shout, yet my head pounds even harder. "Islanders, tonight there will be a recoupling! The boys will choose who they want to recouple with and the girl not picked will be dumped from the Island. #GirlsGetGrafting #ABirdInTheHand."

Later on ...

Sam got a text earlier, sending Rosie, Samira and Ellie on a date with him.

Rosie's date went well by the sounds of things. Apparently, she really felt a spark with him. She certainly deserves someone nicer than Adam - hopefully, Sam can be the one.

When Samira came back, she seemed absolutely buzzing, and I'm glad she did! She - also - deserves a chance with a boy. Maybe there was a minute something with Wes and her at some point, but Wes and Ellie seem closer now.

And as said, Ellie seems to be growing closer to Wes. If Wes picks Ellie, either Sami or Rosie are going home.

And I don't want to see either of them leave.

I throw my hair up in a high ponytail and grab a glass of champagne. Alex has asked if I want to join him in the hot tub, and of course, I accepted.

"Cheers." I smile, spreading my legs and slushing the bubbles around. "So, how are you feeling for the recoupling tonight?"

"I'm feeling good." Alex smiles. "Of course I'm going to couple with you."

"Who do you think is going then?"

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