Kick-Offs and Kick-Box

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His blue eyes are brighter than Alex's, whether it's the cheeky demeanour or white smile that gives it away. His jaw is perfectly shaped, and his forehead crumples when he speaks in a low tone.

"Yeah." I agree. "I guess we can get to know each other."


Ella P.O.V

I trot back outside into the warm Majorcan breeze. The Islanders are split into two places: the girls (except Georgia) are gathered around the fire pit, and the boys (and Georgia) are huddled on a daybed.

Charlie and I make our way to the daybed. "Ell, help me!" Georgia begs. "They're daring me to jump in the pool!"

"She won't do it!" Adam chuckles, giving her a teasing push. "Go on, G!"

"I will if you want me too," Georgia pauses. "But only if Ella does it with me?"

You know what? There's been so much drama lately in the villa - "Yeah, I'll cool off." I don't even care I'm wearing my best dress.

The boys cheer and shout and praise as Georgia and I slip our shoes off and take our earrings and necklaces off. Peering up to the fire pit, all of the girls are staring at the ruckus.

"On three?" Georgia asks, taking my hand.

"One, two, three!"

Georgia and I sprint to the poolside and launch ourselves into the water. It's freezing cold on impact, but we both adjust immediately to the lukewarm waves.

"Yes, Ella! I love you so much, Ell!" Georgia chants, embracing me in a hug. "Come on then boys! Get your kit off and in you come!"

The boys all seductively/carelessly strip off their t-shirts (and Charlie and Alex look extremely fit). All running, the boys load into the pool and make a huge splash in the process.

Alex swims over and picks me up, placing my sodden hair over my shoulder and kissing my chlorine coated lips.

"I'm falling for you, so hard."

The next morning ...

"I've got a text!" The unique and ever-so-stressful slogan is announced. "Josh and Georgia, today you will be going on your first date! #GetDeep #WetAndWild!"

I rush off with Georgia up to the dressing room. Trundling up the stairs and down the hallway, Georgia stops me immediately as we're about to go in.

"Shh, listen," Georgia whispers, pointing into the room. Staying silent, the faint murmur of Hayley and Megan's conversation rings through the dressing room.

"I don't get Georgia, or Ella to be fair," Megan says. "I mean, Georgia just seems like she wants to be the centre of attention all the time. I don't really like her, or Josh."

"Neither." Hayley agrees. "But Ella's ok, I don't know why you don't like her?"

"I think after the whole Alex thing and the hideaway and stuff I kind of hated her guts. Plus, I think Alex is like, too good for her and -"

Watching Georgia's face, her head fills with red blood as she stomps into the room.

"What the actual f***! Ella is literally so much better than you'll ever be."

Georgia screams and screams while protecting my honour, and she doesn't even mention her own name (bless her). I stand in shock, and it doesn't subside until Josh and Adam launch into the room, pulling Megan and Georgia apart.

"I f***ing hate you, Megan! You two-faced bitch!"

An hour later ...

It took a lot of effort to get Georgia and Josh out of the villa, mainly because Georgia was so set on kicking the life out of Megan.

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