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"So the girl that I want to couple up with is ..."




I'm ecstatic!

But my heart still shatters.


(This is Monday's episode)

Ella P.O.V

"Goodbye Rosie, I'll miss you loads, hun." I croak, trying to hold the tears back. A lump starts to form in the back of my throat, growing larger and threatening to suffocate me.

"Don't cry." She smiles that comforting smile. "Come on now, I'll do a sassy walk out, yeah?"

"You do it," I kiss her on the cheek.

Rosie struts out of the door like a boss in charge, with her hands, held high and her hips swaying.

At the start, Rosie and I were not on the best terms, but she came to be one of my dearest friends. "Come on, G." I pat Georgia's back. Tears stream down her cheeks - Georgia and Rosie came in together, so I don't expect it to be easy for her. They were known as the two best friends too.

I'm glad that Samira is still here though, and the fact that she's cracking on with new boy Sam is just adorable.

The whole bed shuffle is peculiar, but it's nice that Alex and I are staying as a unit.

Whilst climbing into bed, I can't get the comment out of my mind.

"You want me to be your girlfriend?" I ask him, shuffling under the covers.

"Not right now. I want to take things slow, but I'd love you to officially be mine someday." Alex hints. He flutters kisses across my face and jaw when speaking, and finally kisses my lips fully when he's done.

"Goodnight, baby girl."

The next morning ...

"Good morning, princess", I take Alex's hand in my own and we head outside beside.

Laid out fantastically on the grass are some quaint brunch spots: some intricately patterned white tables and chairs, some food in small threaded baskets, and a tower of tea cakes to divulge in.

"After you." Alex pulls my chair out like a true gent. "You look amazing this morning."

"Awh, thanks, babe. You always look handsome." I compliment when he sits down. Alex pours out a glass of orange juice for us both, and we cheers to a lovely 'Love Island Journey."

He asks- "So I know you're a medical student, but what type of things do you specialise in then?"

"Well-" I start. "I specialise in anatomical pathology, so I analyse blood samples for disorders. I'm only a student though, but I could be a consultant by the time I'm 32."

I carry on to explain the small details of my job and how I've been on placement. It takes a while I explain, but Alex doesn't seem to mind. "So I extract the blood samples and then use a -" he's staring at me. "What?"

"You're so cute when you talk smart." He smiles, placing a finger on my nose. "I love smart girls."

"So you're saying I'm smart."

He nods.

"So ... you're also saying you love me?"

His face turns into an expression I've never seen before. It's a smile, slightly uncomfortable, slightly excited, and slightly overwhelming smile. "I think I do."

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