New Girls

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"And it is ... Ella!" Adam declares. Just like that, all eyes fall on my body like I'm some sort of prey to their predatorily needs.

Why did I admit that in my interview?


Ella P.O.V

After the challenge finishes, we all head back to the villa. Night dawns upon the holiday home, and for the third time, we all get dressed into our outfits ready for tonight.

I change into a small blue dress that's cut down the top to reveal some cleavage and apply some makeup to compliment my features.

After all the girls are ready and all the boys have put on their aftershave, we all head outside. Having a drink each, we're 2 hours into the party when the inevitable happens.

"Hey Ell, can we talk?" Alex asks, pecking my forehead.

After agreeing, Alex pulls me over to one of the outdoor beds. Collapsing onto the white mattress, I think I know what this may be about.

"So... the challenge today." He drags. "You're still... you know?"

"I was afraid this might come up." I sigh. "I've only had one ex, and he said he was waiting until marriage. And, well, we broke up." I shrug. "It's just that I think now people know, they'll judge me."

I try to hold my composure whilst on the brink of letting a tear fall. "I just don't think that people will see me like they see the other girls -"

"Hey," Alex whispers compassionately. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls my body into his bare chest. I lay a hand on his abs - those toned abs - and the tears stop falling. "It makes you even more amazing. The guys don't see you any differently, and the only reason they ever would  is because you're so much more amazing than the other girls."

"You're literally so sweet." I chuckle, wiping the tears.

Staring into his eyes, I feel like he's coming closer. He has small highlights in those gorgeous blue eyes that really make him seem alive.

"Ella, come look!"

Looking over at the kitchen, Hayley and Kendall spot my red tear-stained eyes, and immediately rush over to nurse me, completely forgetting what they were going to show me.

Adam P.O.V

Kendall pulls me over to the daybed for a chat and sits down beside me. She looks amazing tonight, and I am happy I picked her - sort of. She's ignored me today.

"So I just wanted to have a chat with you, because I feel like I've ignored you today." She explains. "Like, I've cried more in the last two days than the last two years."

I ask, "So how are you feeling?"

"You'd think time allows you to get over things." She bites her lip. "But maybe I need some more time. I broke up with my ex in October and I thought that would be enough. Maybe it isn't." She sighs.

"I'm really sorry, Adam."

A few hours later ...

Ella P.O.V

"Goodnight Islanders!" I call over the beds, wrapping myself tighter in the sheets. There are a few mumbles from everyone, but soon enough the bedroom falls dark and silent.

I lay with my eyes open, staring into space. I can't help but feel weird after the challenge today; it's like I don't fit in with anyone else because I've never shagged someone.

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