Nude Modelling & Sexual Temptations

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A rumble of gasps and applause from the girls erupt throughout the villa like magic. I strut away, and head to the kitchen where Dani and Rosie are stood.

"Give me a hug, you," Rosie exclaims, running and embracing me. "Now if that doesn't teach, nothing will."


Ella P.O.V

The next morning ...

I walk out onto the decking beside Rosie and Laura. Things have been up in the air recently - especially after last night. Adam hasn't been very happy with me, that's for sure.

"What's that smell?"

The smell of a fry up runs through the breeze when approaching the kitchen. Alex is stood with two plates beautifully displayed with breakfast. As I walk over, Alex lifts the plates over to the table, and gestures me over.

"What's all this?"

"I thought I'd make you breakfast." He smiles, pecking my lips. "Now, sit."

I take a seat opposite Alex, and dig into my breakfast. "So what made you do this then?"

"I just loved what you did last night. I think you really put Adam in his place."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah! He hasn't spoken to any of the boys today. He has just sloped around since you chucked your drink at him."

I take a sip of orange juice. "He did deserve it. I'm protective over my girls."

After a lovely meal, Alex and I join Georgia and Dani on the beanbags. "You're so cute, you are, Alex." Dani grins like a Cheshire Cat. "You're so smitten with Ella."

Alex blushes adorably whilst laying a hand on my thigh. "Could you tell?"

"Couldn't we bloody just!" Georgia giggles. "You two are like the mum and dad of the villa. No joke! Can you have kids, because they'd be the cutest things."

"Wow! She's not my girlfriend yet!" Alex gasps whilst his cheeks light up in a red mist.

"You said yet!" Georgia squeals. "Oh my god, you're gonna ask."

It takes a while for the conversation to change the topic, and thank god it does ...

"I think there's something going on between Wes and Ellie." I try. "They've been speaking a lot lately -"

"Ella!" My name is called across the lawn. I turn around, and my eyes widen completely.

Rosie and Megan are stood in nude lacy underwear, high silver stilettos, and lacy floral cover-ups. It's a mesh material, so it's extremely easy to see their curves and skin through. "Be our photographer?"

I climb up from the bean bag and kiss Alex quickly. "Girls, don't let Alex drool over them."

"I've only got eyes for you, babe," Alex comments, like it's the most natural thing in the world.

God, he's so dreamy...

I walk Rosie and Megan over to the swing and position myself to take the photos. "You girls look gorgeous."

Things are definitely still tense between Megan and me, but I think that ship has almost sailed. For Rosie, I'd do anything for her, so taking sexy photos is the least I can do.

"Rosie, move your leg out a bit," I instruct. The girls sit back to back, flipping their hair over their shoulders.

Looking discreetly over my shoulder, Adam's eyes have glued on Megan and Rosie. I snap a few before we change position, walking to the stairs. "And Megan, lift your arm up a bit."

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