New Book (I'm A Celeb) & Info

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Heya everyone!

I'm back from GCSE's ( got 3 x A**, 3 x A*, 2 x A and 1 x B) and I'm ready to write again! I'm so so sorry it took so long. Loads of people have requested I write an I'm a Celeb Fanfiction, and the first few chapters are already up to read (called The Heart Of The Jungle)!

The Fanfic is about James McVey (from the Vamps) and I really hope you like it!!

As for this book, is it something you'd like me to continue? I will try my darnedest if you like, but it will have to be after the I'm a Celebrity Fanfiction is complete, and I'll have to catch back up on what happened in Love Island! Also I'm at college now, so it'll have to fit around A-Level work!

I hope you enjoy the I'm a Celeb Fanfic! Please check it out! Comment down below what you want to see me write!

Lots of Love,

DogsSox231 xoxoxo

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