Dumpings & Missing Boys

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"Can you all gather around the fire pit." She calls.

My stomach aches in nervousness, my body drips in sweat, and I can't process anything except for the thought that I'm going home.


Ella P.O.V

"You're all probably wondering why I'm here."

Caroline is stood in a gorgeous green playsuit. She has a stern look on her face.

I place my hand on Alex's leg, and he comforts me by squeezing it. "The public have been voting for their favourite couple. The Islanders in the bottom three couples risk being dumped from the Island tonight."

"Please can you all stand up."

I take a stance beside Alex and Georgia. "I will now reveal the couples that are safe, and will not be dumped from the Island."

Georgia thrusts her arm into my own, and I grab her hand. "You'll be fine, baby girl." She whispers to me.

"So will you G."

Caroline announces. "The first couple safe is ... Jack and Dani."

That was the obvious choice. As they're boyfriend and girlfriend, they're obviously right for each other - a match made in heaven is what we call them.

"The next couple safe is ... Georgia and Josh."

Georgia hugs me before she hugs Josh, which Josh pulls a face at. "Well done babe."

"Thanks, hun," She smiles.

"The next couple safe is ... Wes and Ellie."

That leaves one couple. I seriously don't want to leave, and I couldn't bring myself to say goodbye to everyone. My insides rattle with anxiety, and my shortness of breath means that Alex has a job to keep me calm.

"The final couple safe is ... "

"Alex and Ella."

Thank God.

I kiss Alex quick, and at the moment, all of the anxiety is flushed away. However, that leaves Megan and Eyal, Zara and Adam, and Samira and Sam.

"Congratulations Alex and Ella, you are the final couple safe."

"Samira, Zara and Megan, please stand on my right. Sam, Adam and Eyal, please stand on my left."

My fellow Islanders line up beside Caroline, and myself, Dani, Georgia and Ellie group on the left-hand side of the sofa.

Caroline turns to the Islanders that are stood beside her. "Now, one boy and one girl will leave tonight. That decision is not in the hands of the public anymore, but in the hands of your fellow Islanders."

"Girls, you must dump either Adam, Sam or Eyal. Boys, you must dump either Zara, Samira or Megan."

I feel like welling up and crying so much until I dehydrate and then I can't hear a thing. I don't want to send any of the precious guys home, and I don't want any of my beautiful girls to leave.

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