The Girls

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(Picture of Ella in her bikini in the sidebar)

Ella P.O.V

I clamber up onto the back of a small vehicle that is taking me to the villa. Jumping up in my fluorescent Aztec-print bikini, the metal on the roof is scorching.

As the car starts to drive up the road to the holiday home, the warm Majorcan breeze blows my hair back. The only thing in sight is the lovely view of the ocean, and a plain of grass. Additionally, there's a truck, the same colour and size as the one I'm standing on, coming the other way, but there isn't a girl in it. I guess some of the girls are already there.

"You're here, miss." The driver shouts up to me when we stop. Looking up, the villa is gorgeous. It is a huge brick building with a brown arched door, and glass panels allowing me to see the lounge from outside.

I jump out of the truck and walk up to the door. Pushing it open, there's that beautiful holiday smell of fresh air and chlorine.

I walk right, coming through to a gigantic living room with luscious sofas and a turned-off TV. I keep walking towards the open door, and the view of outside is unimaginable.

Taking a step onto the outside decking, I hear a quick scream. Turning my head, four other girls are stood looking extremely glamorous in bikinis. One girl has luscious blonde hair to her waist, another is tanned with a huge grin, and another wobbles up to me in her heels.

"Hi, I'm Dani." She giggles. "What's your name?"

"Ella," I reply. She has such a strong East-End accent. "You're so pretty!"

"Thank you gorg." She smiles sweetly. I turn around to hug the rest of the girls.

"I'm Hayley." A woman from Liverpool greets me.

"Hey, I'm Kendall."

"Like the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner?"

"I get that a lot." She nods. "But yeah."

I reach the final girl. She's tanned with luxurious brown hair and the cheekiest of grins. "Hey, I'm Samira."

"Ella." I smile. "How beautiful is the villa?"

"It is isn't it!" She laughs. "Come on, let's go and sit down."

Walking with Samira, I look over the gorgeous kitchen that is all tidy and neat - I feel it might not be in a few nights time. Samira hands me a plastic champagne flute with champagne in. There's a gigantic white infinity pool too which outlays the glossy Mediterranean Sea. I take a seat on a red couch cushion in between Samira and Hayley. "So, what do you do then Ella? Do you have a job?"

"I'm a medical student," I answer to Dani who looks stunning in a little white number. "What about you?"

"I'm just a regular barmaid!". After learning that Kendall is a manager at a shoe shop, Hayley is a model (no doubt about it - she has gorgeous dimples) and Samira is musical theatre performer, we make small chat about what we're looking for.

"What's your type then Ella?" Kendall asks me while brushing her hair from her face. "Any preferences?"

"I just go for what I like really," I say. "Nothing specific, but if I fancy him then I'll grab him!". I giggle, earning a smile from the rest of the girls. "What about you Dani?" I ask, "Do you have a type?"

"Nah, I'd say I'm the same as you Ell, whatever - "

Samira exclaims - "Oh my god, it's Caroline!"

Turning my head over to the door, our hostess is trotting over. In a pretty yellow jumpsuit with her blonde hair to her shoulders, she shouts "hello!"

"Hey!" We answer back in unison. She takes her cue cards from her hand and holds them in the other, giving us all a wave.

"You all look gorgeous. Are we in the mood for love?"

Caroline gestures us over to the grass between the kitchen and a small sitting area with white couches and bright cushions. Walking over in my heels, they sink into the grass, so I try my best to stand on my toes. "Each stand behind a heart."

Standing behind a card cutout of a heart that has been placed on the grass, we all look to Caroline. "Samira, how are you feeling?"

"Nervous." She giggles. "But I'm ready to meet the boys."

After a few more introductions, Caroline explains. "So the boys are going to come out one by one and we are going to match you up. So let's start, shall we?"

"It's time to couple up."


Hey guys! So this is kind of an introductory chapter and the second one should be up tonight or tomorrow afternoon! I'm sorry that updates may be slow, but I have to watch the episode before I can upload :/. Anyway, please vote and comment who you want Ella to couple up with! Xx

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