The Boys

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After a few more introductions, Caroline explains. "So the boys are going to come out one by one and we are going to match you up. So let's start shall we?"

"It's time to couple up."


Ella P.O.V

"Please welcome ... Niall."

I look up at the door and out walks a slim boy who has a few tattoos plotted here and there. His hair is swept back, dark, and he has a tanned skin tone. He's definitely good looking, but he doesn't take my fancy.

"Ok girls, so this is the first boy. I'm going to make Niall's job a little easier and ask the girls ... girls, if you fancy Niall, please step forward."

There's a short pause before Kendall steps forward. As good looking as he is, I think I'll hold back on this one.

"Niall, Kendall has stepped forward!" Caroline cheers. "But Niall, you can pick any one of these gorgeous girls, so who are you going to pick."

"... Of course, I have to go with Kendall!" He cheers. Niall walks up to Kendall, and they share a hug. They actually make a gorgeous couple!

"So we have our first Love Island couple!" Caroline cheers. "Let's move onto the next guy then!"

"Please welcome ... Alex."

My heart pounds as the next guy walks out. He's tall and blonde, with a flower-patterned button shirt that is open and pushed back by the wind to emphasise his six-pack. He's got bright blue eyes and a gorgeous little smile. With a pair of salmon pink shorts, he walks down the stairs and looks at me and the girls.

"Girls, this is Alex. I hope you like what you see. Alex, any preferences?"

"They're all beautiful girls." He flutters. I catch his eye for a few seconds, and my heart beats even faster.

"Well I'm going to make your choice a little easier Alex. Ladies ... if you fancy Alex ... please step forward."

Looking around, none of the girls are immediately stepping forward. I mean, I want to. I really want to, but I don't want to be the first one.

"Oh ... no!" Caroline frowns. "Girls!"

Damn... I should have gone.

"Samira, why didn't you step forward?"

"He's just not my type." Samira shrugs. "I'm so sorry." Even though he is trying to put on a brave face, I can't help but feel sorry as no one stepped forward.

"Alex, you now have to couple up with a girl, and you can pick whoever you would like, so who are you going to couple up with?"

Pick me ... pick me.

"Um ... I think I'm gonna go with Hayley."

Awh crap ... why not me?

"Ok, are we ready for the next boy? Please welcome ... Wes."

Turning back to the door, this boy is tanned with a short head of black hair and a glistening six-pack too. He has a gigantic smile, but not as cute or sincere as the last one. Once he reaches the bottom of the stairs, Caroline repeats the procedure.

"Girls, if you fancy Wes ... please step forward."

I decide to stay out again this time, as he looks cheeky, but isn't my type.

For a moment, I don't think anyone is going to step forward. Until I turn, and Hayley's long legs take a step forward out of Alex's grip.

"Hayley!" Caroline gasps.

After a few seconds, Wes and Hayley couple up, and Alex is sent to the 'subs-bench'. Seeing him hurt kills me, as I wouldn't have stepped forward.

"So we now have two couples, Niall and Kendall and Hayley and Wes, and the next boy is ready to come out. Girls, Alex, Wes, Niall... meet Eyal."

Turning to the door again, the boy to walk is a little skinnier with a gorgeous blonde afro and a cheeky grin. Once again, he has a 6-pack, and bright eyes that catch me.

"Welcome to the villa, Eyal." The hostess welcomes once he's reached the bottom of the stairs. "Once again girls, if you like the look of Eyal ... take a step forward."

There's a pause. I know I'm not moving. Suddenly, Hayley, and the two single girls, Samira and Dani step forward.

"Hayley! Again!" Caroline gasps. "So Ella, why haven't you stepped forward yet?"

I take a deep breath and look over to the sunbed where Alex is slouched. "I didn't step forward because ... I wanna couple up with Alex."

There's a couple of 'awhs' and 'that's so cute' coos, and I blush and cover my face with my hands. It isn't long until Hayley and Eyal are coupled up, and Wes is also put on the subs bench.

"Ok girls, so we still have two couples." Caroline nods. "Please welcome ... Jack."

The boy that walks in is a tad different from the previous boys, as his physique is less toned. But the way he looks around and the "oi oi!" he speaks, he's a party goer for sure.

"As usual girls, if you fancy Jack, please step forward."

It isn't long until Jack has swiped Dani off of her feet, and they form the third couple.

"So we come back to the subs bench." Caroline laughs, gesturing Alex to stand up. "Alex, as you can see, Samira and Ella are still both single. You have the choice between both of them ... however, I think I know which you'll choose."

"Yeah," He smiles a cute little grin. "I think I'm gonna go with Ella."

There are rounds of applause as Alex walks over, and he gives me a small and gentle hug. His abs press up against my chest, and even from a hug, I can tell he's seriously toned.

"Ella and Alex, a gorgeous couple." Caroline coos. "Which means Wes, you are coupled with Samira!"

"So we have our five couples!" (Wes and Samira, Ella and Alex, Kendall and Niall, Hayley and Eyal and Dani and Jack).

"Now we have five gorgeous couples, and I could leave now. But this is Love Island ... and Love Island is never that simple."

"Please welcome ... Adam."


Hey everyone! Just to clarify that these chapters will be longer, but because the first episode had so much detail I had to put it all in! Xx

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