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Unexpected Angel. by booksbytasha
Unexpected tasha
Elle has just turned 15 years old. Mason is her boyfriend, they've been in a relationship for 6 months or so. Elle realise she can't say 'no' to him. She thinks so doin...
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The Reality of it All (Completed) by yourstrulysorry
The Reality of it All (Completed)by Lovely Bees
"That's not mine- that THING inside of you!" He yelled. What was he even talking about? Of course it was his, he's the only one I've had sex with. "This...
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A Completely Different Story by Aaliyah_J
A Completely Different Storyby The_Book_Is_Better_
Maggie is known as the girl who ruined her future by getting pregnant. People at school don't know who the father is or when it happened, but they opted for their own ru...
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Married Again by DellDiamond
Married Againby 馃憫SEL馃憫
______________________ Started june 19, 2019 _______________________ Tessa Carl is crushed after she found her husband, Carson Ben in bed with her best friend. She's bee...
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Clemency | CloutSamurai  by CloutSamurai
Clemency | CloutSamurai by #LLNH #TMC
CLEMENCY - Beyonc茅 Knowles. The millionaires daughter, who isn't the nice girl everyone makes her out to be. She's smart. Makes her own money and just wants a man to lov...
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Cupid's Contract by EllieKeatingAuthor
Cupid's Contractby Ellie Keating
Eve has accidentally entered into a love contract with Cupid. She has to find her soulmate, or be his slave forever. If that wasn't hard enough, she has a new boss, a me...
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Paternal Instincts by Tasha9315
Paternal Instinctsby Tasha9315
AU: James survived and Harry Potter still became the Boy Who Lived through Lily's sacrifice. James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin (The Marauders) raise Harry from...
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Comfort Zone by _Brxndy_
Comfort Zoneby Brandy
Joshua Moretti is a single father. He never pictured himself dating again, wanting to focus on bettering himself and being the best father for his son, but then he met A...
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My face because I'm conceited sometimes  by Taestful_baby
My face because I'm conceited S谈u谈g谈a谈r谈 baby
Idk bro sometimes I like my face 馃槶
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The Rich Girl & Him by IreneAbss
The Rich Girl & Himby BeWithChu
Rogue Yrazibeth Reed or mostly known as Rogue or Yra one of the countries finest bachelorette was know for her sassy attitude and how she was born with a silver spoon. B...
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Bandhan - A Sandhir Story  by littleheart1509
Bandhan - A Sandhir Story by Aarhu (M.P)
No twist or mystery Full family drama like in Rajshri movie type. Totally opposite of my last works Its a story about how children become strings in their single parents...
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Doing it Alone by SunnyLove26
Doing it Aloneby SunnyLove26
Bethany had it all a husband and a lovely son but soon after tragic news appear she must deal with her life alone. She along with her son and daughter on the way must ke...
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single || e.d *EDITING* by phasiaa
single || e.d *EDITING*by 锝愶綀锝侊綋锝夛絹锝
Bri was left broken when her longtime boyfriend left her, pregnant. But as her son grows up, she realizes more and more how much he needs his father. So when Bri bumps i...
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Summer Thrill by xxLissaMaexx
Summer Thrillby T.C. Bosarge
18 year old, Maddy is just trying to enjoy her summer before leaving for college. Along with her best friend, Trix, they spend their days lounging by the pool and gettin...
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Comblang Love Story (END) by liebeima
Comblang Love Story (END)by Liebe Ima
Sarasita Khadijah, seorang owner biro jodoh Islami, jatuh cinta kepada teman satu kantornya seorang profesional IT. Sayangnya cinta Saras tak bersambut karena ternyata A...
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Boyfriend   Imagines by laurel_013
Boyfriend Imaginesby Lasta
These are the cute little imagines of you and your future boyfriend or even present boyfriend if you're in a relationship.
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For The Love Of My Girls  by beautybreezy
For The Love Of My Girls by beautybreezy
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Single Mother 馃寛 JK FF by Galaxy2035
Single Mother 馃寛 JK FFby Galaxy2035
Kim Yuna is a young girl of age 18 who has a 3 year old daughter and is a single mother She has faced many hardships in her life but sees a ray of hope when she meets J...
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Love Always, Ella by Believeeexoxo
Love Always, Ellaby DeAnna Ingraham Faison
What sucks more than being overweight? Falling for someone you don't have a shot in hell with. In the process of overcoming her insecurities and learning to accept hers...
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