Adam's Choice

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"Now we have five gorgeous couples, and I could leave now. But this is Love Island ... and Love Island is never that simple."

"Please welcome ... Adam."


Ella P.O.V

As he walks through the door, I notice half of his tattoo sleeve and that slicked back black hair. His bright white shorts match his bright white teeth, and his bright blue eyes emphasise his smile. Again, he has a six pack which is something all the guys are going to have, I think.

"Boys, you look scared." Caroline nods. "Now in 24 hours, Adam will be coupling up with one of the girls, and the boy left single will then be vulnerable. Couples, get to know each other. Adam, have fun being single. I shall see you all very soon!"

As Caroline leaves the villa, we all introduce ourselves. When I reach Adam, he gives me a short hug. "Nice to meet you. Ella, yeah?"

"Yeah." I giggle. He's extremely good-looking, and it's certainly a toss-up between Alex and him.

After a small conversation with Adam, Alex and I make our way over to a small porch area with grass growing up the terraces.

"So what is it you do then?" I ask, taking a sip from my water bottle. "Are you like a model?"

"Shut up." He blushes. "No, I'm a doctor."

Damn ...

"You're serious? I'm a medical student." I grin. "What type of thing do you do then?"

"I work in A & E." He says. "So anything from broken toenails, cardiac arrests."

"Broken hearts?" I joke. "You seem like a doctor." Why am I so stuck in those bright blue eyes?

"So what do you study?"

"Neurology," I answer. "But enough medical stuff, what are you looking for? Like what's your type?"


Damn ... he is smooth.

That night ...

After my chat with Alex earlier, all of the girls and I have just been having a general -get-to-know-each-other-session; we've all been getting ready for tonight.

I've decided on a little red dress, straightened my locks and applied the daintiest of makeup that highlights my best features. "So, Ella, what do you think of Adam?"

"I haven't really talked to him yet," I answer honestly. "But he's super good looking isn't he?"

"He is ... I kinda like him." Samira grins. Getting giddy, I quickly take her hands. "That's amazing Samira! You should go for it."

"He's making the rounds though." Samira nods. "I think he's been onto Dani, and he's been telling a few people about you."

My heart skips a beat. "... Me?"

"He was saying to Kendall earlier that you caught his eye. I think he will come and talk to you later, you know, get to know you and stuff."

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