Pool Pushing & Dinner Dates

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Please be Hayley and Charlie.

Please be Hayley and Charlie!

"Megan and Eyal."

Oh crap.


Ella P.O.V

After waving goodbye to Hayley and Charlie, we all make our way to the kitchen, and pour ourselves some fresh glasses of champagne. "Well, everyone. I'm so glad that Eyal and I are still here. Cheers to a good future!" Megan raises her glass, and we all cheers to her words.

I take a small sip when a phone beeps. Jack reaches his hand into the pocket of his jeans. "Text!" He alerts. "Islanders, tonight, the hideaway is open. You must now pick one lucky couple to have the hideaway for the night."

There's a pause, until Megan snarls, "Well, definitely not Alex and Ella!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" I demand without even thinking.

"Well, you took it last time without asking!"

"They did ask." Wes defends, walking around the kitchen side. "Plus, with your stinking attitude, you and Eyal aren't having it either." Wes receives an evil glare from the comment - shocker.

Thank God I'm on the same wavelength as someone!

The next morning ...

Dani walks out onto the decking with a spring in her step and a cute little smirk on her face.

"How was your night in the hideaway, babe?" I ask.

"It was amazing. Jack keeps saying he fancies me!" Dani drools, taking a sip from her water bottle. "Like, he is gonna ask me to be his girlfriend at some point."

"That's adorable!" I coo, cooking myself some breakfast. "I literally love you two. You're adorable together."

"Awh thanks babe," she smiles, giving me a hug. "Do you think that Alex will ask you to be his girlfriend at some point?"

Then it hits me...

"I haven't really thought about it." I process, moving the bacon around in the frying pan. "It hasn't crossed my mind."

"Well, I think you'd be a well cute couple! We could double date!" She giggles like a little school girl. "Did you hear what happened between Adam and Rosie last night?"


"They went pretty far apparently."

Looking over the villa, Georgia is sat beside Adam and Rosie who are huddled on the daybed. Adam has his arm laying across Rosie. "He does look like he cares about her," I comment.

Suddenly, Georgia jumps up from beside Adam, and heads towards Wes. She grabs some sun cream and starts rubbing it seductively into his back, much to Josh's dismay.

"What is she up to?" Dani frowns.

"I don't know."

After having a chat with Dani, I make my way over to Alex and Jack who are sat over on a different daybed. Laying across Alex's chest, we make light conversation.

"What do you think of Georgia?" Jack asks me, using his eyes to follow her around the villa.

"I love her." I laugh. "Full of energy, she is."

"She gets on my nerves."

Suddenly, my skin runs cold, and a bucket of water runs over my head. It soaks my hair which flops over my shoulders, and Alex's t-shirt is sodden in water.

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