Compatibility Test

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Opening the door, the lounge is packed with all of the islanders who are spread across the sofa. They all start to applaud and cheer when we walk out hand in hand. "Alright, mum and dad!" Jack cheers. "So, how was you're night? Any cheeky business?"

I blush red like a tomato, and the whole villa - especially the boys - throw applaud and cheers around again. "Well done Al, didn't think you had it in you!"


Ella P.O.V

"Text!" Someone shouts. Looking up from Wes and Samira, I turn to see Megan has got a text. "Islanders, today you will see who's most like you, as you find out who you're most compatible with. #MixItUp #WhoKnowsWho #MeetYourMatch."

The girls head around to the fire pit and we pick up some card cut out emojis. One has heart eyes - given to the boy we think we are most compatible with - and one has a crying face - the person we are least compatible with. We have to organise the boys in the order we think we are most compatible with, and then if a boy is in the correct place, they step back. The girl with the least amount of tries to get it right wins.

Georgia does it in four goes, and then Rosie and Samira in three. I go next.

"Right, Alex at the front!" I chuckle. "Then ... Wes - we get along, right?"

There's a rumble of laughter as I put Alex first and he pulls a cheeky grin. "Adam, can you go third?"

I place Jack at the bottom and give him the crying emoji - "Just because I don't use stationary very much."

The order ends up as Alex, Wes, Adam, Josh, Charlie, Eyal and then Jack.

"Adam, step back, and Eyal and Josh, step back," Samira says.

I rearrange again, moving Alex to second, Charlie to first and Wes to fifth and Josh to fourth.

Alex, Wes, and Charlie are all correct.

After making the final switch, the boys - from most to least compatible - go as follows: Charlie, Alex, Adam, Wes, Josh, Eyal and Jack.

It takes three attempts for myself, five for Megan, and Hayley a huge nine times! "So the three winners are ... Samira, Ella and Georgia!"

That evening ...

(The outfit Ella is wearing):

"I've got a text!" I declare, feeling a vibration from my phone

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"I've got a text!" I declare, feeling a vibration from my phone. Pulling it out, I unlock the phone and pull up my text messages. Reading over the text, a plummeting feeling stomps down on the pit of my bladder.

"Islanders, tonight, each couple will vote for who are the two least compatible couples. You must cast your two votes by text. You must not tell any other islander who you have voted for. The two couples voted least compatible risk being dumped from the island tomorrow. #TheStrongestShallStay."

"Oh no." Samira dreads. "This is horrible."

I wouldn't want to see any islander leave tomorrow, especially as I've made friends with all of the girls in the villa. Alex grabs my smaller hand in his larger, and leads me over to the poolside.

"How are you feeling?"

"I mean, I'm pretty sure we're safe. We just have to stay positive and then hopefully we can stay here." Alex murmurs, pecking my lips. "We'll be ok."

Alex and I start to discuss our choices, and we rule out Dani and Jack immediately.

"Right, so are Georgia and Josh compatible?" Alex asks. "I think Josh likes her, but he doesn't seem too bothered."

"Georgia's just a little OTT for him," I reply. "Rosie and Adam?

Adam definitely got away by the skin of his teeth after what he did to Rosie. He has made some snakey moves, and his record of commitment so far has been very low. "I think Rosie likes him, and Adam is starting to show her a bit more respect really."

"Plus, they are similar." I agree. "Ok, Wes and Samira?"

I comment - "I love them both, but they're together on a friendship basis."

"But is it fair to rule them out, just because they're friends? They have a good chance of finding love, and they're very similar people."

"Who's left? Eyal and Megan?"

"They're definitely loved up, even though Megan can be a little annoying at times." Alex deliberates. "Other than that, it's Hayley and Charlie?"

I roll my eyes at the thought of Hayley. "Hayley doesn't have a clue what she's looking for." I place a hand on Alex's thigh, caressing his skin. "She has told me and the other girls that Charlie can be really irritating.

The time passes, and Alex and I sit in silence for a few moments. I don't think anyone would vote for us to leave, however, no one wants to go home.

"So, it's decided?" I ask. "Hayley and Charlie - "

"And Wes and Samira."

A while after ...

Alex and Megan have gone for a chat - apparently, Megan wasn't too pleased about me not asking for the hideaway. The atmosphere is dense and bitter as the dumping looms over us; no one has any idea who voted for who.

"I really don't want to leave." Hayley comments, taking a sip of her champagne. As she says it, the guilty feeling in my gut only digs deeper and deeper down. "I mean - "

"Ella? Can we chat?" A voice asks. The hole in my stomach turns into an ulcer.

Looking up from Hayley, it isn't who I thought it might me (Megan), but it's actually a boy. He's stood stout, and his blonde hair has fallen over his forehead slightly.

I follow Charlie from outside into the lounge. Sloping down beside his body, I adjust myself to face him and chuck the pillows onto a different sofa. "So, I just wanted to see how you are? I mean, we chat, but not much."

I reply, "I guess I'm good. Stressed for tomorrow, but I'm feeling ok. What about you?"

"You'll be ok, Ell. I reckon I'm going. I mean Hayley and I, we don't have anything in common. She's just winding me up the wrong way!"

"She is a sweet girl," I reply, "I just think she's fussy; she doesn't know what she wants."

Charlie emits a little snigger, and faces downwards immediately. His shiny teeth reveal a small smirk plastered across his face. "Why are you laughing?" I ask.

"I just didn't think that I'd be your most compatible Islander." He shrugs. "We have way more in common than Hayley and I."

"I was pretty shocked too." I acknowledge, wondering where Charlie is going with this. "Why are you bringing it up?"

"Honestly, " he stutters momentarily, looking nervous. "I don't know where Hayley and I are going. I am ... I am starting to fancy you - a little - and I would want to see where things go."

"But, I'm ... "

"You're with Alex, I know. But it doesn't mean we can't get to know each other more, right?"

His blue eyes are brighter than Alex's, whether it's the cheeky demeanour or white smile that gives it away. His jaw is perfectly shaped, and his forehead crumples when he speaks in a low tone.

"Yeah." I agree. "I guess we can get to know each other."


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