A Long Hot Summer - Love Island 2018 by DogsSox231
A Long Hot Summer - Love Island DogsSox231
Based on the ITV2 series Love Island 2018! #146 in Romance! ~ 21/06/18 #1 in Love Island Books! Ella Wordsworth, 22, a medical student from Staffordshire, has never bee...
  • love
  • single
  • tvshow
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Shipwrecked and In Love [Completed] by -nighthinker-
Shipwrecked and In Love [Completed]by m a d i s o n ™
On a cruise, teenager Emily and her family are on a vacation. Meanwhile, another teen, Zach and his family are also on vacation, though these two have never met, a storm...
  • ship
  • family
  • tropical
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Love Island 2018 by mollyswriting
Love Island 2018by MollyXx
See what happens on Series 4 of Love Island....
  • couple
  • island
  • itv2
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LOVE ISLAND by 1975Effy
LOVE ISLANDby 1975Effy
Charis walks in late to Love Island and she wants to have fun, make new friends and find someone that will love her.
  • dating
  • loveisland
  • coupling
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Summer of Love | Love Island 2018 | by louist2010
Summer of Love | Love Island 2018 |by louist2010
When the new girl struts into the villa with a new batch of confidence after being brutally dumped by her ex, can she find 'the one' or will she be sent home by the publ...
  • wattys2018
  • couple
  • hogwarts
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A Secret Rendezvous | ShivIka SS by BlackManiacx
A Secret Rendezvous | ShivIka SSby BlackManiac
The Oberoi family gets all tensed when they find Anika not receiving any of their calls for forty-eight hours straight. It is only later that Shivaay comes to know her p...
  • wedding
  • beaches
  • romance
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Daddy's New Associate by LolaaBunniePL
Daddy's New Associateby Afrobella
Anabella Carter lives the perfect life in her mind. She lives in a hotel, models and has men falling at her feet everyday. But a little twist in her life throws everythi...
  • matureaudience
  • cheating
  • love
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Total Drama Kayleigh's tale by Writingisabitch
Total Drama Kayleigh's taleby Writingisabitch
You all know total drama right? Well you didn't get the whole story there was a girl in the back ground one you never noticed, she had green highlights in her brown hair...
  • chrismclean
  • bridgette
  • tda
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Love island 2018-(A love story) by CarterC321
Love island 2018-(A love story)by CarterC321
Alfie Ryder is a 20 year old from London who is looking for love.During his stay at love island will he find the one or will it just be a holiday?
  • niallaslam
  • loveisland
  • eyal
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The Personal Trainer's Ex Girlfriend {Interracial Curvy Romance} by CoriAlston19944
The Personal Trainer's Ex Cori Alston
YouTuber Kehlani Brown, who represents from Brooklyn, NY and moved to Shirley, NY with her family ever since she was a child, which is the city where she met her then bo...
  • youtube
  • comedy-romance
  • interracial
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Love Island 2018 by mulan1010
Love Island 2018by Fullmoon
Join the adventure of single people embark in the world of love 💕
  • love
  • loveisland2018
  • loveisland
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amour | love island 2018 by louiseb246
amour | love island 2018by louiseb246
olivia campbell applied for love island on a whim, never even thinking how much it would change her life.
  • fanfiction
  • 2018
  • island
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The Scars of Revenge by OnlyYou4ever
The Scars of Revengeby OnlyYou4ever
After the death of his only brother, angry and vengeful Robert Martin is seeking justice for him. He kidnaps Kristine Hawthorne, the girl whom he believe was the reason...
  • arrangemarriage
  • sister
  • drama
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Castaway by kcecabello97
Castawayby g
A cruise gone wrong turns Camila's dream job into her worst nightmare! Now she's stranded on a tropical island with nothing but her wits and 5 strangers. She's trying to...
  • camren
  • shawnmendes
  • island
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Stranded »» Kim Taehyung ✕ Reader  by -jhoseoks-
Stranded »» Kim Taehyung ✕ Reader by 바레리 김
I was walking around the island until I trip over something and fall on the sand. "Not again.." I said as I stood up When I look down I screeched. "Geez...
  • taehyung
  • forest
  • ff
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The Craving - Marooned by RainerSalt
The Craving - Maroonedby RainerSalt
[Complete] After a plane crash, Megan is marooned with a group of survivors on an uninhabited island in the Pacific. They find a dead man's body, and the next day it's g...
  • thriller
  • adventure
  • suspense
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Dreams of Souls (a group roleplay) CLOSED by BladedPsycho
Dreams of Souls (a group roleplay) WilliamTheConquerer
The royals of Allusia have come of age and it's time to find them a bride from the most prestigious nations around the globe. It has been 20 years since the previous sel...
  • selection
  • lose
  • beauty
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Take Flight on a Dragon by Whiplash246
Take Flight on a Dragonby Tango
The dragon growled, revealing a set of gleaming teeth. The leaking gash on her wing was forgotten as she fixed her eyes on the girl before her, warning her to not take a...
  • httyd
  • rtte
  • mystery
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Bali by MsEfronDo
Baliby Teddy
Luna is a girl who loves adventure, and that's all she wanted in her life, she wanted adventure. She decided to move to Bali and explore the beautiful Island and happens...
  • comedy
  • movies
  • island
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MEMORY WITH YOU - (Bechloe-Short-Story) by ICECREAMProduction
Beca had Jesse already but tragedy came along with fate for Beca and she was lost in an island with a redhead, named Chloe. How this one would end? -BECHLOE AU. Ps. If...
  • chloebeale
  • wattpride
  • annakendrick
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