Snog Marry Pie

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Everyone then ends up going to bed. Alex and I have fun, if you know what I mean. So do Georgia and Josh by the sounds of things.

And Megan and Wes sleep outside on one daybed.

And Eyal and Ellie sleep on the other.


Ella P.O.V

The next morning ...

After pecking Alex on the lips, I scuffle out of bed. I quickly take off my own t-shirt and throw on one of Alex's white ones, as they're a lot warmer and comfier to wear.

Plus they smell just like him.

I wonder out onto the decking, and in my sight are the two daybeds. Ellie and Eyal are on the left, and their bodies are sprawled out on the bed. Wes and Meg, however, are cuddled up, kissing and whispering whilst holding each other in their grips.

"Your coffee," I tell Alex, taking it back into the bedroom. "There you are babe. Careful, it's hot."

"I'm not a child," he chuckles. "But you're cute, so I'll let you off."

I snuggle back under the sheets into Alex's chest. His body is warm and soft, and I burrow my head into the nape of his neck, letting my eyes fall closed.

"Come on, sleepy-head." Alex murmurs once he's drunk his coffee.

Once we've both climbed out of bed, I pull on a regular white bikini, throw my hair into a top knot, and Alex and I head downstairs.

The weather outside is freaking gorgeous - so much better than UK weather. Outside are Megan and Wes cuddled up beside the fire pit, Jack and Eyal are making breakfast, and Samira and Georgia are in the pool.

"Hey, girlies."

"Morning gorgeous." Georgia wipes her sodden hair from her face and smiles. "How did you sleep?"

"Amazing," I admit. "You?"

"Really well. You coming in the pool?"

"I will do later. I've only just woken up, so I'll have some breakfast and come in."

"Ok, hun." Dani nods, splashing Georgia. Their phones are placed beside the pool, and it's only when Dani's phone screen lights up that she realises that she has a text.

"I've got a text!" She bellows. "Islanders, today you will find out who really has feelings for one another in today's challenge Song Marry Pie. #PiedOff #NeckingOn."

The challenge is set up. Firstly, all the boys line up, and the girls have to snog one boy, propose (jokingly, of course) to another, and (literally) pie another.

Megan goes first. She kisses Wes, pretends to marry Jack, and pies Eyal. She throws the pie hard and fast in his face, and it looks extremely painful.

"Ouch," I mutter. Dani goes next, and snogs Jack, marries Alex (jokingly, again) and pies Adam.

I'm next up. I really want to marry Alex, but I want to snog him too. Wes winds me up as well, so he's an easy one to pie.

I walk up to the boys, and Alex looks at me longingly. His eyes are eager, and I can't help resist him.

"Come here." I smile, gesturing to Alex. He steps forward, and I place a longing kiss on his soft tender lips. He moves his head along with mine, and as he goes to deepen it, I pull away.

'Tease' he mouths for no one to hear.

I walk back over to the girls and pick up a ring. Returning to the boys, I can't propose to Alex, so I decide to propose to Jack.

I get down to one knee and take his hand. "I would like to marry you because I think you treat Dani like a princess, and you're really kind, and I really like that you make her happy."

I slide the ring onto his finger, and he lets out a laugh.

Finally, I have to pie someone. Filling the paper plate to the brim with all the whip cream I can from the bottle, it dawns on me who I should pie.

"If I want to make my omelettes with two eggs, I'll make my omelettes with two eggs!" I bellow, shoving the cream into Wes' face.

Georgia kisses Josh, marries Jack and pies Adam. Zara kisses Adam, marries Alex and pies Eyal, and finally, Samira pies Wes, kisses Sam, and marries Alex.

The boys go next, and Alex is the first to go. He strides over in front of us all. But he walks past me, and pecks Georgia on the cheek.

"Awh, that was cute." Megan coos.

Brownie points Alex, brownie points.

He jogs back over to the table and grabs a small metal ring. He turns, and his eyes grab hold of my own.

"Ella." He smiles. He falls to one knee, and holds the ring up in front of me. It feels so much like a normal proposal, one that a man gives a woman when they're in love.

"I would like to marry you because you're the only person I can see a future with. Not only are you a stunner, but you never fail to make me laugh and smile. You're perfect."

He slides the ring onto my finger and kisses my lips.

Finally, he smacks a large plate of cream into Ellie's face.

All of the boys take their goes, and Eyal and Josh marry me (jokingly).

Josh stands up to the mark, and as I feel that he is about to crash his lips into Georgia's, he turns on his heels and kisses me. It's rough, messy, and completely unneeded, and I pull away rapidly.

Of course, he proposes to Georgia, and then pies Zara.

Finally, Adam kisses Zara, proposes to Dani, and fills his plate of cream to the point at which it's overflowing.

"Not me!" I screech as he runs over.

"This is for throwing a drink in my face." He laughs, and forces the cream into my face. My vision blurs and the cream runs cold down my body.

That night ...

Tonight has been pretty plain and simple so far, but I did catch Eyal and Ellie sharing a gentle kiss.

"Hello, Islanders!"

I look up from where Alex, Sam and I are sat, and there stands Flack. Caroline Flack.

Oh shit.

"Can you all gather around the fire pit." She calls.

My stomach aches in nervousness, my body drips in sweat, and I can't process anything except for the thought that I'm going home.


Hey everyone! Two more chapters will go up tonight, but I'm back home now! I'm sorry updates have been slow :( xx

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