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Love Island 2018. Sam Bird by Englandbabe
Love Island 2018. Sam Birdby Englandbabe
New girl Natasha Evans is joining Love Island this year and when she enters one particular boy has his eyes set on her (Sam Bird story)
  • ellie
  • dani
  • eyal
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Love Island 2018 by Englandbabe
Love Island 2018by Englandbabe
Amber Fawcett is another girl who entered the villa with Zara and Ellie, but what happens when she catches the eye of one particular boy?
  • rosie
  • georgia
  • adam
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Love Island 2018 by mollyswriting
Love Island 2018by MollyXx
See what happens on Series 4 of Love Island....
  • loveisland
  • itv2
  • island
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Love Island 2018 - Sophie Farrell  by Holly_1016
Love Island 2018 - Sophie Farrell by Holly_1016
The couples: Jack Fi & Dani Josh & Kaz Charlie & Ellie Jack Fo & Sophie Wes & Megan Paul & Laura Adam & Zara Alex & Alexandra Frankie & Samira Sam & Georgia
  • jackfowler
  • jani
  • sambird
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Love Island by francesca1624
Love Islandby francesca1624
With a six year old daughter and a mother with bipolar disorder, Violetta has always found it difficult to find love. That's when her dad signs her up for love island, t...
  • gameshow
  • competition
  • family
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An Unlikely Reunion by ColleenLaura
An Unlikely Reunionby Colleen
After her first two years in university, Claire got a bit bored and wanted to try something new -- so she applied to be a contestant on Love Island. To her surprise, she...
  • loveisland
  • lovestory
  • island
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kissing frogs - jack fowler by icantreadoops
kissing frogs - jack fowlerby queenofthots
"you have to kiss a few frogs before finding your prince" isabella has been in love island 2018 ever since the first coupling. she was stunning, funny and one...
  • island
  • isabella
  • jackfowler
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Love Island by mollyswriting
Love Islandby MollyXx
What happens when Isabelle, Alex's ex joins Love Island?? Will she cause trouble for new couple Alex and Olivia??
  • itv2
  • island
  • alex
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Sexual one shots!  by OnTheProwl_
Sexual one shots! by Chelsea
Lesbian, straight and bisexual one shots! Includes threesomes! Leave a comment with some one shots for others too read and if they are good I will put them in the book...
  • chrishughes
  • collab
  • elainagilbert
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Love Island  by DaviesftGrealish
Love Island by Elle
3 new islanders and 1 former islander enter the Love Island villa. Which couples will become stronger and which will fail.
  • loveisland
  • chris
  • gabby
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Arshi OS: Love Island by SamridhiJain5
Arshi OS: Love Islandby The Lively Girl
An OS on our dear Arshi.
  • ipkknd
  • loveattheisland
  • alone
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Love Island 2018👙 by loveislandobsessed
Love Island 2018👙by loveislandobsessed
Love Island may be over but who's to say we can't keep it going? This is what would happen if we added a new girl to the original islanders!
  • adamcollard
  • rosiewilliams
  • joshandkaz
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amour - love island 2018 by princessaims
amour - love island 2018by princessaims
is love island natalie's last chance to find the one?
  • jackfowler
  • love
  • loveisland
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Love Island 2018 by princess1239469
Love Island 2018by xoxo
Join Elle Cantwell on her journey in the Love Island Villa.
  • loveisland
  • alex
  • jack
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Love Island 2018 Preferences  by -brandonsabs
Love Island 2018 Preferences by *insert username*
These are a load of preferences for Love Island 2018, maybe I'll add in a few imagines too but I don't know, send in requests if you want one done. Other than that, enjo...
  • loveislove
  • loveisland2018
  • loveisland
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Love Island > Z.D.H 🚨SMUTTY CHAPTERS🚨 by lovely_herron_
Love Island > Z.D.H 🚨SMUTTY lovely_herron_
This story is all about how a girl was put on an island to find her soulmate will she find her soulmate or not, read more to find out. P.S If you couldn't tell this is a...
  • jackavery
  • fanfic
  • zachherron
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amour | love island 2018 by louiseb246
amour | love island 2018by louiseb246
olivia campbell applied for love island on a whim, never even thinking how much it would change her life.
  • loveisland
  • summer
  • loveisland2018
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Romeo & Juliet {Love Island} by AnthemLights22
Romeo & Juliet {Love Island}by AnthemLights22
"losing each other," Nathaniel Cayette stood outside of the love island resort in a pair of blue shorts after getting out of the blue jeep where his suitcase...
  • jonnymitchell
  • amberdavis
  • photography
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Little Club: LOVE ISLAND by SuperCupcakeLemon
Little Club: LOVE ISLANDby SuperCupcakeLemon
This is a story about some characters from the Little Club (Little Kelly, Little Carly, Raven, Little Leo, RoPo, Scuba Steve and Little Donny to be exact!) competing in...
  • fanfic
  • supercupcakelemon
  • lovestory
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love island // Dr Alex by caitxyoung
love island // Dr Alexby Cait Young
As Rosa enters the villa a little late a few boys has their eye on her but she only want one of them A love island 2018 story // please read
  • island
  • jack
  • wes
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