Congratulations & Messing With Adam

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When I turn around, all of the 16 other Islanders are up on the balcony, applauding and cheering and whooping and celebrating. "Did she say yes?"

"Yeah!" Alex bellows back, holding me against his chest. "I have a girlfriend!"

And I have a boyfriend!


Ella P.O.V

Georgia and Samira are the first people to sprint up to me and squash me against their chests, squealing in delight like squeaking hamsters on a wheel. Their faces are lightened with euphoria.

"Congratulations!" Georgia shrieks. She hugs me so tight it's like I can't even breathe.

All the boys jog over to Alex, doing that man-handshake thing that guys do. "Congrats you softie." Jack is the first to congratulate him.

Jack and Dani approach me. "I'm so happy for ya Ell like you deserved that hun."

"Thanks, Dani." I blush, hugging her too.

Jack continues to congratulate Alex. "Kinda put me to shame, that big gesture. I just asked Dani in person."

"I love you though." Dani hugs her own boyfriend.

"A and E!" Adam starts to chant, jumping and waving his hands in the air. Charlie joins in, then Darylle, then Ellie, and soon enough, all of these guys and girls I've just come to love are chanting 'A and E'!

After all the applause and cheering, everyone retires to bed.

"I love you, I do," Alex whispers in my ear, holding me against his chest. "I can't believe I have a girlfriend." and when Alex pulls the covers over my pyjama-dressed body, we snuggle until we both fall to sleep.

The next morning ...

"I still can't get over you and Alex," Ellie giggles as we both sit and eat our cornflakes, staring out over the infinity pool whilst the sun beats down on my bare shoulders. "I wish Charlie would do something romantic for me."

"You've been together a few days!"

"Not ask me to be his girlfriend!" She playfully hits my arm. "Just something cute and romantic."


"Like... I don't know really."

I pour the last spoonful of cereal into my mouth. "Well, I'm sure you'll figure it out." I stand up and walk to the kitchen, placing my bowl in the sink, when two arms wrap around my waist. They fix complimentary around my hips like two two puzzle pieces.

"Good morning beautiful." A voice whispers in my ear with a cheeky rusk. A light kiss is placed on my neck.

"Alex, you're such a sweet boy- Oh, shit!"

When I turn around, it isn't Alex stood there.

It's Wes.

"I'm so sorry, I thought you were Megan!" He apologises. "I am ... so sorry, Ella."

"Megan?" It isn't the fact he hugged me that confuses me, but "what's going on between you and Megan?"

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