Dares & Drama

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"All I could see was you, and honestly, I didn't mean to do it. It just happened, and I haven't spoken to Megan all night."

"You kissed ... Megan."

He lets out a subtle nod.

"I'm so sorry, Ella."


Ella P.O.V

I stand up and walk away from Alex when the tears begin to flood up my vision.

"Ella?" A voice asks, "Come here a sec."

I'm gestured to the sunbed by Eyal, who's led down and staring up at the sky, where the sun is beginning to set over the ocean. "Isn't it beautiful, how the clouds ... Ella?"


"Why are you crying?"

I sit down beside Eyal and he gives me a short and longing hug. "Tell me, come on Ella."

I explain what happened. I have to say it, he's an extremely good listener.

"You know what?" He rests a hand subtly on my arm. "I know that Alex thinks you're beautiful, and you are. Let tonight run its course, have fun with the girls and I. By tomorrow, Alex will come and find you to apologise. He isn't the type of person to hold a grudge."

"Thanks, Eyal," I smirk, giving him a hug. Wiping the tears away, I walk into the kitchen to refill my water bottle.

Later that night ...

I pick out this outfit ...

"Ella, you look stunning!" Samira gasps, strutting into the dressing room

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"Ella, you look stunning!" Samira gasps, strutting into the dressing room. Trotting along in heels, Rosie follows behind her.

"Oh my god, Ella! Alex won't be able to resist you in that outfit."

After Rosie kissed Adam - and the blossoming romance between Adam and me died - Rosie and I have been great friends. She certainly is a lovely girl, and maybe they're better for each other.

It isn't long until there's a shimmer in the air of eyeshadow and perfume. I head down the stairs and into the bedroom where Alex and Eyal are led on the bed, having a quiet conversation. But when I walk in, they fall dead silent.

"Eyal, do you mind leaving us a sec?" I decide, my head telling me that I should talk to Alex.

Eyal leads through to outside, and I take his seat. "Listen. I'm sorry I got upset earlier. I guess I didn't like the fact that -"

"You has every right to be upset," Alex adds. "And it was all me. Megan and I, there's nothing between us, and I really hope you know that."

There's a silence for a second. Things aren't as they were, that's for sure, however, they aren't awkward.

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