Finally in The Hideaway

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He smirks, fluttering his gaze between my lips and my eyes. "That's all I wanted to hear."

Alex's head comes closer and he slides his lips onto mine. He's extremely soft, and the heat of his body surrounds my own.

I'm glad we're back on good terms... very glad.

Alex reaches down beside my hip, tugging his hands underneath the hem of my shorts. Slowly, he detaches himself from my lips and whispers into my neck, whilst giving me feather-light kisses - "we don't have to do it if you don't want to?"

"Alex." I pull his head from my neck. "Is it ok if we wait just a little longer? You know I've never done this before and-"

"That's totally ok with me." He smiles cutely, giving me one final peck on the lips. "Goodnight, Ella."

The next morning ...

"Good morning Señorita!" Georgia exclaims, running and wrapping her arms around my middle. "How was your night?"

"Good." I giddily admit like a school girl. "Things definitely got a bit heated."


I put on some mascara and throw on a gold bathing suit. "Alex and I ... we almost ... you know?"


"Almost!" I emphasise. "Don't get too happy too soon."

After a while, we're all out in the garden. The word has spread of Alex and I's little moment we had last night, so all I've got had is Jack tease me all morning.

"Text!" Josh explains. "Islanders! Tonight you will take part in a challenge called Meals On Wheels! #MouthToMouth!"

At the challenge ...

Taking a seat opposite Alex, he has to put the food from a 3-course meal in his mouth and shovel it into mine, before I place it down on the plate at the other side. The first to complete the dinner wins.

The horn sounds, and Alex loads some cold disgusting soup in his mouth - I don't even like soup.

Reaching the other end, Alex and I stand up, and I position myself under him like a hungry sparrow. He drops the soup into my mouth, and it's the most revolting and repulsive thing I've ever had in my mouth!

We make our way back again, tied with Wes and Samira. Alex takes a profiterole this time, and drops it into mouth at the other end of the track.

After a few trips back and forth, my tastebuds are masked by the all the different foods and I can't taste anything at all.

"We're almost there, Alex!" I exclaim, looking to see that Hayley and Charlie are almost done too.

Hayley finishes at the exact same time as we do. Samira stands, receives the results and announces that -

"The winners are ... Hayley and Charlie!"

Damn ...

That night ...

Hayley and Charlie went on a little date after they won the challenge today. They're still out now, and I'm sat on the daybed with Wes and Georgia, peering over to see Adam, who's necking it with Rosie.

"She shouldn't have picked him in the recoupling."

"She didn't have much choice!" Wes laughs. "Come on Georgia, he's alright." 

"I agree with Georgia actually." I nod, reminiscing about the short times of Adam and I. "I think it's just that he knows how attractive he is, so he thinks he can have what he wants."

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