The Grand Plan

Indino started pacing around the table; he looked at me then at Lucy and Susan. We didn’t know what was going on, inside his head. It was now midnight, and I was feeling the slight effects of fatigue. Lucy and Susan looked at me, as I started to nod my head. Indino instantly, told me to go to bed. He also dismissed Mum and Sally. They went to their respective rooms, as I went to mine.

Indino asked Lucy, to put the containers of magnesium sulphate, in his office. She got had gotten out of her chair, when Indino instructed to help her. They didn't complain they knew something had happened just before they returned. They started to take the sixteen trolleys, which they had stolen from a nearby Coles, with Lucy's levitation ability.

Indino was pacing faster, scratching his head as always. I could have sworn he had head lice. He pointed his attention, towards Ghett and Valka. They were sitting there patiently, waiting for him to give further orders, and to explain exactly went on in here.

“Umbrae already knows; what we are planning,” he finally spoke, in a quiet voice. “He sent Brozepax, to question me, and he tried to kill me. But he is dead now.”

“I’m guessing, by the state of Vince, he fought and defeated him?” Ghett asked.

Indino nodded in agreement, looking over towards Ghett. He finally sat down opposite, Valka who was sitting at the bottom of the table, Ghett to his right.

“He's is be woken up at six, and warmed up by 7am,” Indino ordered, his nephews.

“Can I speak, Uncle,” Valka asked, “Considering; it is my father you are talking about here?” Indino nodded, indicating for him to continue. “Firstly, what does my father know about our plan? Does he know we are using, Vince?”

“I believe he does, Valka,” Indino answered.

“Secondly, what about our plan, what if Vince and the Xenopians fail? I can't say I see Vince, ready to be on the front lines of an attack, he is most likely to pass out from fatigue,” Valka stated.

Indino, shot Valka a serious look, before replying, “He may or may not be ready, but he has the skills necessary, to defeat my brother.” As Lucy and Susan slowly, walked out into the dining room.

“Um-umbrae, is your brother?” Susan asked in shock.

“Yes, Susan,” Indino replied “Now go with Ghett and Valka back to the facility you to Lucy, you need rest. Tomorrow a war begins.”

“A war is that taking it a bit too far?” Ghett asked cautiously

“Ghett, when you hit a certain age, things like this don’t seem out of proportion, it’s just something that has to be done,” he replied. “It is going to be a war, because he has ones loyal to him, but that is mostly military very few civilian mutants are on his side and besides we have loyalties in the military to like Geofex. He has told me to put the two of you on high alert as, Umbrae has ordered for me to be killed, so I need you two around at all times.”

I was shuffling around in bed, dreaming. I was throwing myself around. Then, bang! I jumped up, screaming in pain. I had fallen off the bed knocking over glass and landed in the broken pieces. I guess powers, don’t work when your asleep. Indino, and Ghett, came running in, Sally, and Lucy, came in with Susan and Mum. Then there was a bang at the front and Valka shouted, “Ah, Uncle Indino, we have company.”

“I guess there’s no chance of sleep now?” I asked as Lucy healed my cuts. Valka held back the three mutants the best that he could. Until one of the mutant guards realised who he was, “Prince Valka?” said the leading guard.

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