Chapter 26 - We Got Company

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We Got Company

I looked at him, as he lunged at me. Susan threw a bottle of the Epsom salted water at Umbrae, but it bounced right off his back. I swooped down and caught the bottle in my left hand, and teleported behind Umbrae. I open the orange juice bottle and started to pour, the contents over the enormous mutant's head. It started to peel the flesh of his of his face instantly, like as if it were acid to a human. “He told you didn’t he? Told you what happens when I come in contact with a magnesium sulphate based fluid,” he screamed in pain.

“Now that we have you, in our mercy,” Susan said, taunting him with another bottle of Epsom salt. “Where are the other Xeno girls?” she threw more of it in his face. He starts to fall, and he was failing to keep his current form. By this time, we were hovering over the waters, of Mossman Bay. He then lost all strength, as he fell in to the harbour. We waited anxiously, for him to resurface. Susan thought she'd jolt the water, to maybe try and finish him, but I told her to wait. I don’t know why, and it caused a fight between us. Just as Ashley tried to break up our argument, Umbrae jumped out of the water.

He grabbed my throat, as Susan threw the bottle of magnesium sulphated water over him. He bellowed in pain. His screams echoed so loudly, we were worried that his loyal followers would hear it, and come to his aid. However, I guess they had orders that are more important. “Tell us where the other girls are,” Ashley demanded.

“Don’t think for one second I don’t know who you are,” He said to Ashley, his eyes were glowing red, and his form changing yet again.

This time he changed into a giant cross species, snake-spider thing. It was huge, like eighty times the size of us combined. It had the body and legs of a Sydney funnel web spider, but the head and tail of a King Brown snake. He went to attack by shooting webbing out of his mouth, but Susan splashed him with more of the liquid. No matter what form he is in, this liquid temporarily caused him pain, and every time we did splash him. He would shrink down to normal size, and normal form.

He looked a lot like Indino in his normal state, being brothers that were to be expected. The only downer here is that we were beginning to running low, on this miracle liquid that seem to keep Umbrae at bay. “I'm out!” Susan yelled, as Umbrae decided to go for her.

“Susan run, get out of here,” I said, as she threw purple balls of energy at him. I tackled him, slamming into a high-rise building as Susan flew off.

Meanwhile, the brute of a guard was, still interrogating Yinsing and Valka. Indino took Mum to the torture chamber. She quickly put her hand on the mutants shoulder, as he beat into Valka. The mutant loses his ability to move, almost immediately, but Mum still had him under her control. Indino freed Yinsing and Valka, while Mum drained what was remaining, of the other mutant’s life out with her bare hand. They returned to Indino's, checking on Lucy who was trying to locate Ghett and the other girls.

Lucy came back to the living world again, when her mother tapped her shoulder, she jumped up slightly groggy. “I know where the girls are!” she screamed in excitement, and falling over with blood trickling her nose. I loved it when she got excited, her eyes would widen, and her face would light up like a Christmas tree. Indino was impressed, and wanted to know where immediately. Lucy explained how she saw a dark damp place surrounded by Umbrae's guards. The girls had microchips implanted, that refused them the ability to use their powers. It was going to be very difficult to free them without my help, Valka still wanted to know where his cousin was, but no matter hard Lucy tried, she could not get a lock on him. It was as if someone had put a veil over him, so that he would be undetectable.

It was getting on to midday, and Brian was sitting in the cafeteria, waiting for his girlfriend, the mother of his child, to show for a celebration lunch. He was dressed in his formal air force uniform, when he spotted Rebecca near the entrance. She was wearing an elegant red dress, that rather glittered in the light, her hair was done up, and face caked with makeup, to try to hide the fact she been crying all night.

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